If the apostles were tolerant, then they would have ended the history of Christianity

"Rome was tolerant of all faiths of his Empire and went to the grave neoteam..."

"The fact that Christians from the very beginning has been intolerant, it is a fact, but it seemeingly fact about all religions during their period of youth and strength, so Christianity is not at all in this respect an exception. Hungry theory of our day of "religious tolerance" is on the prowl in search of food, and even in early Christianity. And especially inappropriate to find her there.

For if intolerance think disagreement is equal to take two different views, each of which claims exclusive truth, intolerance is called if a person believes that only his faith or philosophy is true among others false and erroneous beliefs and philosophies, and then the Church fathers were intolerant, intolerant and apostles, and the Christian missionaries, intolerant and Christ Himself.

If Christ preached the validity of other faiths along with His, validity of the Jewish Pharisee, Roman idolatry, Babylonian mythology, etc., then He would not be sentenced to the cross nor was resurrected. His gospel would live no longer than Gamaleeva.

If the apostles were tolerant of other faiths, then they would have ended the history of Christianity. If the Church fathers were tolerant to all religions and heresies of his time, that they couldn't be called fathers. If saints Cyril and Methodius were tolerant of Perun and Stribog along with Christ, and to this day in Slavic mountains and valleys burned the old pagan altars.

Old Rome was tolerant of all faiths of his Empire and went to the grave neotethys my faith, because being tolerant of other faiths, he lost his. The beginning of tolerance for other faiths is the beginning of the loss of his faith." published

Saint Nikolai Of Serbia (Velimirovic)


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