20 historical photos that show what I've been through this world

Sometimes it seems that the world is slowly going crazy. But he was always a bit quirky, with many funny things and not so funny people. And that life becomes even more interesting.

The website has gathered for you the most amazing photos from history that clearly show what was of this world.

Alfred Hitchcock having tea with the lion in the Studio "Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer"

Girls painted arrows on the feet, 1942

The escapee is dragged back across the border in the United States

Test pilot George Aird catapulted from the aircraft after loss of control

Lunch break during filming of "Star wars"

A prototype portable TV, 1967. It seems quite convenient

They called it "macaroni". The eating contest spaghetti among girls

1920. Mesh to protect pedestrians knocked down on a police car

June, 1944. A brewery in England delivering kegs to the soldiers fighting in Normandy

Women 20 years went in a wooden bathing suits

But the military used a device to hear approaching airplanes

Portable sauna, if you always dreamed about

Trainer for "rolling fat" feet, 1936

Testing a football helmet in 1912

Ginastera — one-wheeled electric vehicle that could accelerate to 40 km/h. 1932

Parisians trying to stay dry, climbing on the chairs. 1924

This Willard Scott and he was the first Ronald McDonald

Loading a memory card the size of 5 megabytes in the plane, 1956. It will fit the whole picture

And this is the first person Michelin

1967. The same day, when Sweden got confused about which side of the road she now has to go

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