How to create the grapes in the form of a fan without the trunk

Disclosure bushes

After the winter it is very important to check the wintering of grapes. In the Northern regions of this rush is not necessary to return the freeze didn't hurt the eyes. Later, however, the disclosure of the vine is also incredibly harmful, because the eyes can damp out (especially landings on hard ground).

The best time for disclosure of the grapes, the first half of April, however, it should be uchityvat weather conditions.



The next stage of breeding – garter young vines. Do it after the disclosure of the bushes, tying the sleeves are slanted at an angle not more than 45 degrees to the lower wire of the trellis. Fruit arrows need to be tied up horizontally, gently spreading along the entire trellis. If you tie the arrow to the fruit horizontally, this will allow the green shoots to develop along the entire length evenly.


General care

In the care of the grapes at this stage of development it is important to execute all the green operations:

  • remove shoots from dormant buds on the sleeves;
  • remove tees, twins;
  • remove infill defective bushes and shoots.
  • pinched points of growth before flowering on strong shoots;
  • pasynkovat and mint;
  • thin out the bunches;
  • remove the lower leaves on the shoot before ripening.

Undoubtedly, it's also important to prevent treating the shrubs from pests and diseases and regularly fed and watered.

Adjustment of fruiting

During this period, the load on fruit bushes and just shoots increases. Because it is important that it was lower by about 40% than that of an adult fertile plants. Young vine nadograditi a little better than overloading.



Young bushes of grapes should be cut in the classical way during the fall. If on a branch of substitution appeared 2 good vines, fruit otplodonosivshih arrow together with all the shoots are cut above bitch of substitution. Vines on a branch of substitution should be cut as follows: the lower 3-4 buds (so it turns out the speck of substitution), and the top – to the number of holes depending on the available grades (6-15). When the Bush is cut, it will consist of 4 sleeves with fruit links.


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Shelter for the winter

In the middle or end of November, after the frost, the grapes need to prepare to cover. The vine is necessary to tilt, tie in bundles and put in a groove dug along the trellis. Then the grapes need to cover, as in previous times.published




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