Dan Baker: 6 tools to happiness

In 2004 he published a book "What Happy People Know", in which the author, Dan Baker, tried to find the answer to the question: "Why are people unhappy?". The writer conducted a study and found that the culprit is fear. It lies in the most ancient area of our brain and generates negative emotions, which are caused by primitive instincts.

Baker claims that people are genetically predisposed to be unhappy, so you need to be a conscious effort to remedy the situation — then he will live a truly rich, happy and healthy life. In this article we'll introduce you to six tools developed by the author.

Six happiness tools

1. Thanks

Gratitude is a key and fundamental tool for happiness. Many scientists, psychologists and spiritual gurus believe that emotion is the purest and strongest form of love.

Modern research shows that physiologically it is impossible to be simultaneously in a state of gratitude and fear. Thus, it is an antidote to our painful memories, anxiety and stress.

If the fear is in the process of evolution occurred in humans in the first place, then love is likely to have arisen immediately as opposed to. Our ancestors huddled in caves, warming and comforting each other that was of great importance for survival.

Fear is strong, but love and gratitude even stronger.

2. Choice

The choice is a close relative freedom. To have choices means to feel like in prison. Personality like Victor Frankl remained happy even in the concentration camps because they knew that they have internal freedom.

Signs of unhappy people:

  • They let their automatic reactions and fears to take over.

  • Themselves driven into a corner, believing that they have no choice and freedom of action.

  • The fear, they react only by flight, fight and stupor.

Happy people form their perceptions in such a way that fear only motivates them, makes you become better.

3. Personal power

It is an inner force (similar to nature), which allows you to manage your own emotions and destiny.

Personal power has two components:

  • The ability to take responsibility.

  • Actions aimed at changing a negative situation.

You need to understand that no one else is responsible for your life. You cannot be happy, accepting only the assistance or advice of other people.

We become victims in the very moment when, looking out the window, cursed the weather for rain or snow.

4. Focus on strengths

When we allow ourselves to be subjected to automatic reactions to fear, then focusareas on weaknesses that only fuels it. But if you choose the path of intellect and the human spirit, to start to focus on their positive qualities — this is the only way to discard unnecessary emotions and begin to solve the problem.

The knowledge of the strengths and development leads to happiness and fulfillment. It is a process of a lifetime, but if you start today, then a few weeks later, will notice amazing results not only in professional but also personal life.

5. The power of the native language

The events that happen to us every day, we explain by means of words and feelings. Language as the most fundamental force of the human intellect, has the power to change perception.

We think in words, so they can restrict and make us unhappy, and to elevate, to cause to feel something great and enjoyable.

The stories that man tells himself about his life, also affect the psychology and level of happiness. Before him becomes a choice — to tell a soul or a terrible story, and then believe in it.

6. Multidimensional life

There are three main components of life:

  • Relationship;

  • Health;

  • Goal.

Most people put their efforts and energy only in one region and therefore cannot be happy. The most obvious choice — work, because it takes away our fears that we are left without food, water and shelter. Other people focus solely on relationships and love, which also leads to happiness.


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You must live a multidimensional life, full of meaning, strong relationships with other people and stay healthy.

Use these six tools and often remember them in hard times.published


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