15 brilliant films, where you play 2 actor. And both ten

Fifty two million fifty eight thousand two hundred twelve

Seventy one million seven hundred fifty six thousand three hundred eighty five

There are movies where actors playing one-two and obchelsya. I mean literally once or twice. And out of such pictures sometimes incredibly strong, because there is nothing to distract us from the main thing — from acting. As a rule, acute psychological dramas or thrillers in which the Director confronts the people causing us breathlessly follow the subtle nuances of speech and behavior of the characters.

We Site love these movies and have collected for you the best. If you complain, some of them heroes a bit more. But, as a rule, they are involved in the episodes, and 95 % of screen time is the brilliant duet.

Venus in fur La Vénus à La fourrure

Eighty eight million one hundred ninety one thousand six hundred one

Of course, not every movie from Roman Polanski's best, but this — no doubt. The film plunges into the enchanting and hypnotic atmosphere that is so expertly he manages. In the frame of theater Director and actress he's trying for a role in his play by the book Sacher-Masoch. And samples these gradually grow into something bigger, into something strange and taboo. By the way, the female role in a busy Polanski's wife Emmanuelle Seigner, and the main character is a bit like the Director himself in his younger years.

Man — Swiss army knife, Swiss Army Man

Sixty seven million one hundred nine thousand three hundred forty two

The film is strange, especially those who haven't seen it, "EW, dead body!"But it's worth a little patience in the beginning as this fantasy begins to deliver fun and more. Many even claim that Daniel Radcliffe managed to play his best dramatic role. And the game Sex This, as always, above all praise — it is clear that this actor destined for a great future.

Sleuth Sleuth

Fifty four million six hundred fifty nine thousand four hundred four

Intricate, thoughtful details, full of unexpected turns of plot and virtuoso playing of two actors — Jude law and Michael Caine — keep in suspense from beginning to end. A successful mystery writer Andrew Wyke invites me to visit Milo Tindle, his wife's lover, and makes him an unexpected proposal. Guest writer and enter into a risky game, but it is still unknown who will become the winner.

Fracture Fracture

Eighty one million eight hundred seventy nine thousand two hundred ninety eight

Confrontation quirky charismatic villain (Anthony Hopkins) and an ambitious young Prosecutor (Ryan Gosling) will satisfy all fans of the psychological Thriller. Unusual that we immediately know who the killer is, but the whole movie wondering, will be able to call him to account or not.

The country is in the wardrobe Closet Land

One million three hundred three thousand thirty nine

"The country is in the closet" is the best proof that you don't need expensive sets and stunning special effects that the film was a masterpiece. Drive here — it's hard to believe that this is possible to achieve such minimalist means. But it's not just a Thriller: a film full of deep meaning and will want to revisit again and everytime will be a new cause for reflection. By the way, the police from the "Country" — one of the best roles of Alan Rickman.

Interview Interview

Eighty one million five hundred forty nine thousand six hundred sixty seven

Hardened, cynical, but not too successful journalist Pierre gets an assignment to interview actress Katie — the star of soap operas. The job he did not like it too, as Katya is not happy communion with the unpleasant type, asking me stupid questions. Nevertheless, they will have an unforgettable evening in the company of each other. The evening game of emotional cat and mouse. Interestingly, the script for the film was written by Steve Buscemi.


If you are still not familiar with the work of Ingmar Bergman, this tape is a good way to start. Is one of the key films of the Director. In it, he expressed his feelings and desire of a great artist who is experiencing and the joy of its own existence, and the hostility of the surrounding world. The movie tells the story of two women — actress who suddenly stopped in the middle of the play and never said a word, and the nurse, which should bring it out of this state.

Before dawn

The heroes of this truly wonderful film — American Jesse and Frenchwoman Celine — accidentally meet in the train which goes from Budapest to Paris. This night a miracle happens between a man and a woman is born love is so strong that everything else ceases to matter. But until dawn left quite a bit of time, and the lovers use every precious moment to get to know each other better, to have time to share all your memories and dreams. A true ode to love and youth.

Pornographic when Une liaison pornographique

Eighty six million one hundred thirty five thousand seven hundred seven

Scared previous love failures, two foreign men who want each other so little just to spend time together, without commitments and promises. But between them, despite everything, true love is born. And now they need to decide what to do with her. Despite the provocative title, the film is very clean, warm and real.

The Antichrist Antichrist

Sixty million five hundred nine thousand six hundred nineteen

A middle-aged couple loses son — 2-year-old boy falls out the window when parents are busy with each other. The guilt is literally driving the mother insane, his father, a therapist, tries to help his wife and takes her to an old house in the forest. There the heroes of the film are immersed in a strange world and in their life gets crazy. Film provocateur Lars von Trier is so sharp, ambiguous and filled with symbols and references to the culture, art and psychoanalysis that for a long time will not let go and forced to ponder over the deep meaning of what is happening.

Lollipop Hard Candy

Forty six million two hundred thousand eight hundred seventy six

14-year-old "Lolita" meets on the Internet with a 32-year successful photographer Jeff Kolerom. He invites her to his home. Suspecting that the intentions of Jeff impure, and seeking to expose him, she agrees. It would seem that we already know how the story will develop, but not so clear.

Evening Express "sunset limited" The Sunset Limited

Seventy six million eight hundred sixty nine thousand one hundred sixty five

The film is about how one man saved another from throwing myself under a train. After that two very different people start talking about how important human life. Miracles begin when you know — Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones almost all the time sitting and talking, but it's not boring, but quite the contrary.

Emptiness Nothing

Seventy six million two hundred ninety nine thousand three hundred forty nine

The film is from the Director of the brilliant "cube" is about two friends-the losers found themselves an unusual ability — they can make anything disappear, including the feeling of hunger and bad memories from my childhood. Unlike the frightening "Cuba", is a Comedy with a very specific sense of humor, but it nevertheless touches on important themes of loneliness and search for meaning in life.


Drama about love between two men — her husband and lover to one woman. She dies suddenly, and the characters remember it, to know what is actually lost. A big role in the success of the film played a precise choice of actors — Oleg Yankovsky and Sergei Garmash. What amazes me the talent of Valery Todorovsky, who was able to make such a rich and subtle psychological film at quite a young age — at the time he had just turned 30 years old.

On the brink of The Edge

Five million eight hundred eighty six thousand one hundred ninety four

Another version of the story about her husband and lover. Not already spoken drama, and action, where problematic relations of the two men added, and the need to hold each other to not get lost in the woods after a plane crash, and a man-eating bear who wants to eat them. Themes of hatred, of the struggle for life and the harsh beauty of the wild edge reminiscent, incidentally, of "Survivor" with DiCaprio, but then it is still more difficult: surviving two and they can't kill his worst enemy, because they need it.

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