George Harrison Beatles 1972

( now I understand where the roots of this song)

"Those who believe in Muhammad, who is Allah, who is in Jesus
Who believes in nothing, even in hell, in spite of all,-
Good religion was invented by Hindus:
We are giving tips, do not die for ever.

Sought up your soul is reborn with the dream
But if you live like a pig will Remain a pig.

Let them look askance at you — get used to reproach-
It's a shame — well, reborn barbs ready.
And if you've seen the death of an enemy even in this life,
In another you will be granted the faithful watchful eye.

Live pretty good — There is reason to rejoice:
It may be, the chief
Your soul dwell.

Let you live a janitor — reborn a foreman,
And then from the superintendent to the Minister shall grow,-
But if dumb as a tree — baobab be born
And thou shalt baobab a thousand years until you die.

Annoyingly parrot live
Viper long century-
Isn't it better in life to be
A decent human being?

So who is who, so who was who?- we will never know.
Crazy genetics from the gene and chromosome.
Maybe the mangy cat was previously a villain,
And this nice man was a good dog.

I jump with delight,
I get around to tempt-
Good religion
Invented by the Indians!"
Vladimir Vysotsky


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