They are 40 celebrities to celebrate the anniversary this year

They say that in forty years, life has just begun and the stars show by example and show that this is true. All of them are beautiful, energetic and full of plans for the future and all of them this year, knocked / banging exactly 40 years.

Jennie Garth (3 April 1972)

Jenny parted this year with her husband, Peter Facinelli, start again go out. She lost weight, hire a good stylist and now ischёt new love. Mother of three daughters, do not despair and believe only the best, although divorce is not the most pleasant thing in life and Garth certainly very worried (especially 16 years together - it is powerful).

Dane Cook (18 March 1972)

Jennifer Garner (17 April 1972)

Jen does not care about age, because it is absolutely happy and this year gave the beloved long-awaited son.

Dwayne Johnson (2 May 1972)

Changes to the face: Duane - brutal changed.

Elizabeth Berkley (28 July 1972)

Star «Showgirls» begin to know the joy of motherhood just this year: the actress born son was born.

Ben Affleck (15 August 1972)

As acknowledged by Ben's 40th anniversary, there is one small detail that makes this age uncomfortable: you do not know whether you're young or too old. Think not think, but age anyway average and better identify themselves as young (while you can).

Gwyneth Paltrow (27 September 1972)

Initially, for the anniversary Diaz girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow was set up more than skeptical, but now that her 40, she feels no worse than before.

Eminem (17 October 1972)

The rapper admitted that over the years has become more mature and scandalous past hits cause him smile.

Jenny McCartney (1 November 1972)

Her only to learn what is 40 years old ...

Josh Duhamel (14 November 1972)

The actor said he would train as long as he has the strength. Josh plans to stay young and athletic and after forty, and after fifty, and after seventy. Wife Fergie his support and also strive for it.

Alyssa Milano (19 December 1972)

How long have filmed "Charmed" and Alyssa already 40. But she does not care about tsiferok, because a year ago, she first became a mother.

Jude Law (29 December 1972)

Time does not spare Judah, but it feels good, and even more at ease than before, because pressure to it gradually decreases and it is not required that the required 20 or 10 years ago.


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