7 frightening places on Earth

1. Mutter Museum of Medical History in Philadelphia

It is a museum of pathologies, ancient medical equipment and biological exhibits.
Most of all, this museum is famous for its huge collection of skulls, collected here and all kinds of unique exhibits. For example, the body of a woman, who turned into a soap in the land where she was buried. Here Siamese twins with a combined liver, skeleton-headed child ...

2. Truk Lagoon in Micronesia

A significant part of the Japanese Navy is now on the bottom of a shallow Truk Lagoon in Micronesia, south-west of Hawaii.
The blue depths surveyed by Jacques Cousteau in 1971 and splashed with fragments of warships and aircraft carriers sunk in 1944, became available for divers. While some are still afraid crews never left their fighting positions.
Ships and planes has long grown into the coral reefs, but so far their victims are more and more too curious tourists, popping your nose where you should not.

3. The Witching of Sonora market in Mexico City. Mexico

The Witches of Mexico, sitting in cramped cubicles, for 10 bucks promised quick relief from poverty and adultery, and in the cells on the walls of tents hung for sale tortured exotic iguanas, frogs and wild birds.
Sonora Market is open every day for pilgrims from Mexico and tourists from distant places to go for Fortune and promises of a better life. This is the place where all the locals pribarahlyaetsya "supernatural" gizmos, from potions on ancient Aztec recipes to Buddha statues.
Hardcore enthusiasts may be able to buy here a little blood of a rattlesnake or dried hummingbirds for taming luck.
But we should remember that witchcraft in Mexico - this is no joke: The National Association of witches was involved in the presidential elections to using spells to turn them into free and fair

4. Easter Island. Chile

One of the most mysterious places on earth is Easter Island, where there are huge carved stone figures of giants, burrowing into the ground under the weight of thousands of years.
Statues look to the sky, as if guilty of some mystical crimes. And only a stone giants know where people have disappeared, install them.
On Easter Island, no one knows the secret manufacture and movement, as well as the installation of these giant statues rising to 21 meters and weighing up to 90 tons.
But they are often moved for more than 20 kilometers from the quarry where the ancient sculptors worked. Now on the island, where once powerful civilization flourished, barely a glimmer of life, and no one knows where did the mysterious builders and where they then disappeared.

5. Manchak Swamp in Louisiana


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