10 legallybuy movies for those who are tired of banal subjects

Thirty five million seven hundred ninety four thousand nine hundred forty two

Forty six million four hundred seventy six thousand four hundred sixty

In every second movie on the big screen the story if not through holes like a sieve, from the first minutes it becomes painfully predictable.

In the wording Site hungry for a good unusual movies and have prepared a selection with films that do not dare to call trivial.

Broken / Broken Britain

Sixty one million four hundred ninety two thousand two hundred twenty six

Very good and bright girl named skunk (Skunk) have diabetes, she lives with her father in a rather seedy area of London. Its neighbors are mired in senseless hate each other, and a skunk wanted to reconcile these broken lives. The film is not cheesy, quite realistic with nezaezzhennoy plot and a strong ending.

The Lunchbox / Dabba India

Eight million eight hundred sixty five thousand four hundred forty one

Every day, a woman named ILA sends to her husband the food in the lunchbox that his work delivers a pizza man. But one day, lunch the error falls for another man, which silt strike up a correspondence. The painting is laconic, but at the same time very expressive, seems to be keenly social, but very dramatic. The film that every poor person will always strive for happiness, no matter how hard his life in the present.

The Lobster / The Lobster Greece

Eighty five million nine hundred eighty thousand four hundred sixty eight

In the near future, single people are arrested and sent to the hotel where they must find a mate within 45 days. Otherwise, they will turn into animals and released into the woods. At the same time in whom they become, unhappy can choose. To everyone's surprise, the main character decides to become a... lobster. At first, this bleak dystopia imperceptibly leads the viewer to the conclusion that genuine love demolishes all barriers set up by society.

Golgotha / Calvary Ireland

Twenty two million five hundred nineteen thousand four hundred thirty three

Father James on the repentance of the unknown gets the warning: this man promises to kill James in exactly 7 days and asked to put in order all earthly Affairs until that time. But instead of sounding the alarm, James continues to live a normal life. Deep and heavy the film shows people in all their everyday imperfection. Despite the slowness of the story, the picture keeps in suspense until the very end by not revealing suspense: meet the priest with his killer on the prepared for him "Calvary"?

Instructions not included / No se aceptan devoluciones Mexico

Ninety eight million six hundred thirty three thousand thirty one

The life of a playboy Valentina changes dramatically when his door suddenly appears and as suddenly disappears the girl with a small child — his child. For 6 years deadbeat dad trying to find the girl's mother, but this time he manages to get attached to her daughter. This looks like a beaten plot in the film played a very fresh and skillfully. "Instructions not included" is a touching tragicomedy, making people cry and laugh through tears.

Rust and bone / De rouille et d'os France

Fifty seven million nine hundred fifty nine thousand five hundred ninety one

Ali, the lonely and the poor father of 5-year-old boy, meets Stephanie, a beautiful and confident killer whale trainer. Hardly their acquaintance grows into a great feeling because they are too different: she's a bone, he rust. But a tragic accident calls them: Stephanie is in a wheelchair. Now the roughness and stiffness of Ali help Stephanie again to want to live with all the anger and despair. A strong psychological drama, long haunting memory.

Juliet / Julieta Spain

Eighty million nine hundred forty thousand three hundred four

Juliet arrives in Madrid to find their mysteriously disappeared daughter. In the city its exuberant youth, a woman can enjoy the memories of passions, love and about the tragedy that forever alienate Juliet from her daughter. Emotional, hot romance, filmed in the best traditions of the famous Director Pedro Almodovar.

Real vampires / What We Do in the Shadows New Zealand

Forty five million nine hundred sixty five thousand nine hundred seven

Perhaps one of the most unusual films on the theme of vampires. It tells of three new Zealand bloodsuckers — Viago, Deacon and Vladislav who are trying to join the modern pace of life. Guys go out to night clubs, hired a housekeeper, looking for food, talk with the police and hiding from the light of day. This hilarious mockumentary, the picture could improve even the worst mood. Fresh, fun and relaxed.

The Crossing / The Crossing China

One million one hundred twenty three thousand five hundred sixty one

1949, in China there are battles between the troops of the Republic of China and the Communist party. Three couples decide to go to Taiwan until the unrest stops. They sail on the infamous ship "Taiping", thinking that finally proved to be safe. The film is based on a real event — a disaster that claimed the lives of 1,500 people. This is an epic, large scale movie, no way inferior to Hollywood films, tells a story that penetrates to the heart.

Spy, get out! / Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy UK

Sixty million seven hundred seventy three thousand nine hundred sixty seven

George smiley, a British intelligence agent, retired, begins his own investigation. It seems, the guide sat down the mole, but everyone ever zagnuvshis it immediately went into retirement. But now smiley knows about the existence of a Russian agent, that greatly changes things and makes new the hunt for the mole. Twisted detective with the best British actors — a real gift to fans of the genre.

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