Somebody who worked on the production of sunflower oil, shared a shocking fact

The website I'm warning you — too impressionable people better not to read further, as the given fact can seriously damage your relationship to the sunflower oil!

When he worked for some time at the oil extraction plant, well, that's where sunflower oil do. In the process discovered an interesting tidbit of detail.

Seeds, before entering the extruder (where, in fact, are ground with separation of oil and cake) are thoroughly cleaned from impurities of stones, sand/dust, bits of stems, etc. But there is one impurity that is to clean from seed is impossible, because all the parameters (size, weight, etc) it completely coincides with the main mass.

It — ladybugs.

Accordingly, in any of your favorite bottle of sunflower oil present some extracts from these lovely insects. Now live with this knowledge on.



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