A new trend of hair coloring! Forget about balayage and Ombre in the new year.

The color of the hair defines a woman's mood and change it, you can dramatically change your life. The editors of "Site" with joy is excited to tell you about the upcoming trend that is steadily winning the hearts of millions of women.

Meet the explosion future, 2017, the new technique of hair coloring "Tiger eye". It grew out of the acclaimed at the beginning of this year balayage technique, in which a light complexion naturally and smoothly mixed with the dark.

Tiger eye is a beautiful stone, translucent variety of quartz with copper-Golden-brown tint and a fascinating silky sheen on the glossy surface. Of course, the stylists and the first beauty in the world could not leave it without attention.

The colorists managed to transfer the color of the stone on the hair. For cool autumn and winter season, this kind of painting seems a perfect choice because it gives the hair and pale face a warm shade.

First brought to life a new trend Jennifer Lopez, collecting thousands of admiring comments from fans. Her example was followed by Jessica Alba, Kate beckinsale and Joan Smols.

The author of new techniques of blending color, British stylist Corey tuttle, told the secret of her ideas: "I wanted to simplify the life of girls and create a colour which would be good to "grow", just run and do not require frequent updates."

The process is very simple and it is easy to handle at home, without resorting to the services of the salons. If you are the owner of dark hair, then paint strands of amber and honey color from roots to ends, making them brighter. With blond hair is the opposite: gradually stemni strands in shades of buckwheat honey and milk chocolate.

In the end, the hair gets a luxurious look. Due to the play of the colors they visually look thicker and shiny. The coloring looks nice on hair of any length.

Boldly try painting and share! Sure you will be satisfied. Rather share the new trend with friends!

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