15 of your favorite movies and 60 with the same atmosphere

There are movies that create an incredible atmosphere and not let go until the very end. I want to revise them again and again. Or at least find a similar, equally cool movies.

We at the Website decided to make this easy for you and collected 15 popular movies and 60 are similar. Choose your favorite, stock up on popcorn and dive into the world of heroes.

1+1 Intouchables

"Music inside" (Music Within, 2006) — Stephen Sawalich "Before I met you" (Me Before You, 2016) — TEM of Sharrock "the diving bell and the butterfly" (Le scaphandre et le papillon, 2007) — Julian Schnabel "the Sea inside" (Mar adentro, 2004) — Alejandro Amenabar Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

"The fountain" (The Fountain, 2006) — Darren Aronofsky's "She" (Her, 2013) — spike Jones "the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus" (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, 2009) — Terry Gilliam "outland" (The Fall, 2006) — Tarsem Singh home Alone Home Alone

"The holiday" (The Holiday, 2006) — Nancy Meyers "love actually" (Love Actually, 2003) — Richard Curtis Noel (Noel, 2004) — Chazz Palminteri "Four Christmases" (Four Christmases, 2008) — Seth Gordon, the Girl with the dragon tattoo The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo

"Captive" (Prisoners, 2013) — Denis Villeneuve "the Frozen earth" (The Frozen Ground, 2011) — Scott Walker "the Lovely bones" (The Lovely Bones, 2009) — Peter Jackson's "zodiac" (Zodiac, 2007) — David Fincher the Beginning of Inception

"Source code" (Source Code, 2011) — Duncan Jones "Loop of time" (Looper, 2012) — Ryan Johnson, "the adjustment Bureau" (The Adjustment Bureau, 2011) George Nolfi "Time" (In Time, 2011) — Andrew Niccol the Godfather The Godfather

"The damned way" (Road to Perdition, 2002) — Sam Mendes "johnny D." (Public Enemies, 2009) — Michael Mann "the Gangster" (American Gangster, 2007) — Ridley Scott's "Lord of war" (Lord of War, 2005) — Andrew Niccol Sweet November Sweet November

"Keith" (Keith, 2008) — Todd Kessler "Love and other drugs" (Love & Other Drugs, 2010) — Edward Zwick "Remember me" (Remember Me 2010) — Allen Coulter "the Fault in our stars" (The Fault in Our Stars, 2014) — Josh Boone of the beautiful mind A Beautiful Mind

"The imitation game" (The Imitation Game, 2014) — Morten Tyldum "Proof" (Proof, 2004) — John Madden "the universe Stephen Hawking" (The Theory of Everything, 2014) — James Marsh "Payback" (The Accountant, 2016) — Gavin O'connor ocean's Eleven Ocean's Eleven

"Robbery on Baker Street" (The Bank Job, 2008) — Roger Donaldson "the Code thief" (The Code, 2008) — Mimi Leder "Twenty-one" (21, 2008) — Robert luketich "American hustle" (American Hustle, 2013) — David O. Russell

Ghost Ghost

"Heart and soul" (Heart and Souls, 1993) — Ron underwood "City of angels" (City of Angels, 1998) — brad Silberling "Between heaven and earth" (Just Like Heaven, 2005) — mark waters "Meet Joe black" (Meet Joe Black, 1998) — Martin Brest the Departed The Departed

"Lucky number Slevin" (Lucky Number Slevin, 2005) — Paul McGuigan "Set of lie" (Body of Lies, 2008) — Ridley Scott "Lie on the bottom in Brugge" (In Bruges, 2007) — Martin McDonagh, "On the wave crest" (Point Break, 2015) — Erickson KOR knocking on heaven's door Knockin' on Heaven's Door

"Not yet played in a box" (The Bucket List, 2007) — Rob Reiner "Life is beautiful" (50/50, 2011) — Jonathan Levine and "Dallas buyers club" (Dallas Buyers Club, 2013) — Jean-Marc Vallee's "Last holiday" (Last Holiday, 2006) Wayne van Hachiko: the Most loyal friend Hachi: A Dog's Tale

"White captivity" (Eight Below, 2005) — Frank Marshall "lassie" (Lassie, 2005) — Charles Sturridge "Marley and me" (Marley & Me, 2008) — David Frankel "Red dog" (Red Dog, 2011) — Crooked Stenders Atonement Atonement

"The black book" (Zwartboek, 2006) — Paul Verhoeven's "Head in the clouds" (Head in the Clouds, 2003) — John Duigan "Allied" (Allied, 2016) — Robert Zemeckis "the Reader" (The Reader, 2008) — Stephen daldry now you see me Now You See Me

Prestige (The Prestige, 2006) — Christopher Nolan "Red lights" (Red Lights, 2011) — Rodrigo cortés "the Illusionist" (The Illusionist, 2005) — Neil Berger "Focus" (Focus, 2014) — Glenn Ficarra, John Requa Photo preview Articulus Entertainment,


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