Here as a lunch of office workers in different countries

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To work on an empty stomach is difficult, and sometimes even burdensome. The head is occupied only with thoughts of food. Fortunately, in every organization throughout the world there is a pleasant break for lunch.

Therefore AdMe.EN decided to tell you, as a lunch of office workers in different countries.


In France, by law, the employer pays up to 80 % of the cost of lunch. Employees issued so-called "checks for lunch» the amount in the range of 5.00–5.20 euros that you can pay your bill in a cafe, diner or bistro. And also you can just buy any of the products and to bring food to work, cooked at home. Usually for lunch, main dish, followed by cheese, dessert and drinks.


Previously, the majority of office workers in China has brought lunch with him. But now the leaders of many companies began to ban it, as the Chinese dish has a pungent odor. Therefore, around any office building there are many cafes and eateries with various cuisine. The menu usually consists of soup or salad, main course (consisting of sure to have the rice) and coffee (tea) and dessert. In General, in China it doesn't matter where to eat, the main thing have a meal. They eat everywhere: in cafes, in the Park on a bench, just sitting on the pavement or while stuck in traffic.


Americans who live by the principle "time is money", often eat lunch on the job, bringing food from home. In "Business lunch at the American" usually includes a sandwich, chips and traditional pop. Also common box Lunches delivery to the office. Usually, there are cold salad, sandwich with tuna or Turkey and a small bag of chips, sometimes fruit and cookies. But coffee and tea in most companies to employees free of charge.


The Germans almost all companies have their own canteen or kitchen area, equipped with everything necessary. Developed such a tradition, as a special dining coupons, as in France. The menu is diverse: the main course with side dish, salad, sweets, yogurt, drinks. Recommended break for lunch half an hour. However, the time of work and breaks depends on the workers themselves. There is a law: before coming before you get off.


The Japanese "white collar" are very common Bento — the food is Packed in a carton, which is folded so aesthetic that it is more like a work of art. Lunch Bento usually consists of a serving of rice and additional dishes, including salad or fruit. Also in Japan, popular restaurants ramen with racks directly opposite the chef, sitting behind which you can watch as the cook ordered noodle soup.


Lunch at the Spaniards accepted from 14:00 to 16:00. Traditionally eat a soup or salad, paella or baked meat (fish) with side dish and finish the meal with a dessert. Depending on the region in Spain still exists the tradition of afternoon rest — siestas. Although it should be noted that the accelerating pace of life still makes the Spaniards to abandon this tradition, especially in large cities.


In Mumbai there is an unusual delivery service — dabbawala that delivers Lunches to office workers. The peculiarity of it is that not bring food from local restaurants, and directly from the customer's home. To do this, workers dabbawala collected in the morning, pre-cooked containers of food and deliver them on bicycles in all areas of the city.


Common places for dinner in Rio de Janeiro is the buffet restaurants. They are huge buffets buffet tables, where the distinctive feature is their fee for lunch is calculated based on the weight of the food on the plate. Typical food for lunch in Brazil: rice, meat, black beans and a variety of toppings.


In Singapore are very popular Hawker centers — the place in which there are rows of small stalls with tables in between. Each kiosk has its own kitchen and its own timetable. The food is prepared directly at the kiosk, and often only upon receipt of the order, i.e. directly by the customer. Basically the menu is small — up to five meals of chicken, rice, noodles.


Most of the Russian "white collar" during the lunch break eating in the workplace food brought from home. This files most often for lunch only main course. A day not to over indulge in snacking. The most popular options for office snacks — sweets, chocolate, pastries. Much less commonly, fruit, sandwiches and yoghurts.

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