7 attachments that can lead to disease

Some of the causes of dangerous diseases are much deeper than we can imagine. According to psychologists and doctors, there is a connection between the spiritual and physical condition, between our thoughts and body. Deciding to become healthy, it is important to identify the "unconscious" is the cause of the disease. You will have to delve into yourself to discover and neutralize a spiritual affliction.

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Immense care for children will kill parents

Children come into this world although helpless, but independent personalities with their Fate. If parents continue treating them and the achievement of independence, that life force flow turbulent flow, affecting the physical body cancer.

The same applies to any person on showing too much concern. You need to release children into adulthood, allowing them to gain your experience through mistakes and obstacles.


Excessive joy will not bring happiness

We know that positive emotions are good. They support us throughout life, helping to establish and develop friendship, to establish relationships with family and loved ones. But even joy is not always beneficial.

"The heart rejoices to pain", "heart of happiness", "joy came in with an arrow in the heart" — the meaning of these phrases at least once experienced each of us. After a burst of exuberant joy from some of the events just feel so empty. Doctors proven: excessive emotions lead to heart disease, particularly myocardial infarction.

At the level of energy is easily explained: for all the feelings and emotions in our subtle body, called the astral meets the heart chakra. When we violently Express our emotions of joy, this chakra can not cope with the enormous flow of energy is sharply directed at her, not withstand the pressure and push out the vital energy to nowhere. That is what leads to heart disease.

Better to be in constant balance in any emotion, whether joy or sadness. Best of all, this necessity of balance is shown in the legend on the seal of Solomon."It all goes away. And this too shall pass" was embossed on the ring.


Constant sorrow poisons the air

Even 100 years ago, the doctor's diagnosis "death from boredom" was distributed and did not cause issues. In our time many have forgotten that intense sadness can kill in a short time. Sadness and joy are in our life, being its integral part.

But deep-seated, unspoken, corroding grief, or resentment on the thin plan all takes place in your life, forcing you to constantly think about her reason, "breathe" only. This condition gradually leads to lung damage as a person, do not let go of the situation and his family. No wonder depression is one of the seven deadly sins, on a par with murder.

In order to continue a full life and to clear the place for happiness, you need to release the cause of constant sadness. After all, whatever happened in the past, life must go on.


Anger — explosive device

Have you ever noticed that during a heated argument or restrained, but the anger boiling inside right side of my body slightly numb, the stomach is compressed, and the tongue appears a bitter taste?

The reason for this is that anger, like an explosive device, tearing to shreds the energy of the chakra is responsible for will calm. It is situated in the abdominal region. The destructive energy of anger after the explosion, heavier and as it settles on the edges of the abdominal region, creating a power pack. Sooner or later it leads to severe liver damage.

To prevent the destruction of the energy and physical health will help you practice getting rid of anger and finding inner peace.

Jealousy will kill the joy and love

Envying someone else's success or the unexpected joy, we think, "That's lucky! I would like that!" Alas, few people know that the universe does not differentiate between such a strong emotional, but vague message. And instead of seeing the benefits of takes all the hidden problems, diseases and misfortune, who have envied. A huge ball of negative energy hits the astral and physical bodies, causing numerous diseases. The first to suffer biological filters: the liver and kidneys.

The conclusion is: do not envy. Sometimes no one knows how hard and with what losses went to the man of his success and happiness. Sincere joy for another will allow us to share with him the positive energy of happiness, drawing her in your life.


Tears of wasted mountain attract

Tears are a very strong process that helps us to splash out like a overflowing emotions. But a strong tool is well in exceptional cases. If to shed tears over every small and insignificant matter, you can cause damage to the heart and the cardiac envelope. In order to avoid this, you must learn to control myself and laugh often, switching the majority of emotions from tears to laughter.


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Fear sucks the life force

Fear of an unknown future or events of the past paralyzes our energy security, making us vulnerable. This chakra is responsible for will and protection begins to work properly, catching and holding the energy instead of let it flow freely on.

Sooner or later, this powerful unit leads to overflow of chakra heavy energy. On the body it leads to diabetes, gall bladder disease and stomach ulcers.

To get rid of fear you can, if you find the support in life, something or someone that gives you strength and faith. A good release from the captivity of fear is an honest conversation about it with loved ones.published


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