This picture is almost unchanged, although with a difference in tens of years

"And who is like?" — this question is for child birth has remained unchanged for centuries. Relatives usually quickly identify which "copy" was a baby. And often it may not be mom and dad, a grandfather or even great-grandmother. Sometimes the resemblance is just incredible!

Team Website offers a glimpse into family albums that have the same photos, but they depict different people.

It's my dad, my son...

On the left is the father, and to the right is the daughter

In the first photo — two friends and one for their sons

Mother and daughter: red dress 25 years

Son in 2012 and repeated the photo shoot of the Pope in 1976

Photo with a difference in 87 years: the great-grandmother of Michelle and great-granddaughter Lucy

Great-great-grandfather and grandson: 1917/1995

Mother and son

Dad and son in the image. And Mike is the same

In the photo im 21 year: Henry's grandfather and grandson Edward

"Dad with me in 1991. I the cat in 2013"

Grandmother and granddaughter

Father and son at the same age

Mother and daughter: two smiles with a difference in 20 years

Daughter found a photo of mom at the same age

"My mother first-born son 41 years ago and I'm with my first son..."

Grandfather and grandson

School albums. "My mom and I are the same age"

Father and son: the XX and XXI century

Pictures of mom and son in 16 years

Ralph Lincoln — a descendant of Abraham Lincoln in the 11th generation

Photo on preview i.imgur, i.imgur

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