Amazon sells five new solar projects for its cloud services

Amazon Web Services will build five new solar power plants to provide energy for their large data centers of cloud. All new solar facilities will be built in Virginia until the end of next year, and in total will generate 180 megawatts of electricity. These new facilities along with existing ones, will provide 580 thousand megawatt-hours of energy per year.

Four of the new plant with a capacity of 20 MW, while the fifth 100 MW. They are scattered in several parts of Virginia. For comparison, 100 megawatts-enough to power 19 million homes throughout the year.

Amazon already operates an 80-megawatt center in Virginia. Developers LLC Virginia Solar and Community Energy Solar worked on these projects, they will also maintain and manage in conjunction with Dominion Resources.

Run massive data centers, where servers, storage and networks, even in spite of the advanced energy saving equipment, consume huge amounts of energy. Therefore, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and Apple are constantly looking for sustainable alternative sources of electricity (and seek to promote them).

In Amazon stated that they signed this year to contracts for the purchase of additional renewable energy more than any other company in the United States. Microsoft, which announced the largest contract for the supply of wind energy, ranks second in this list.

By the end of 2016, Amazon will also begin work on a wind farm capacity of 280 MW in North Carolina.

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