About the job after 50: finding the Golden mean

The epigraph came by itself.

In the old joke: "When the old French woman asked how she managed to live to be a hundred, she said: not quite, I led a healthy lifestyle, husbands changed, and smoke and a glass of dry red wine for dinner was always taken for granted, but I think that the most important factor was that I NEVER worked."

You can argue indefinitely about the job after 50. For some it is an urgent necessity (for many in Russia), for others — an opportunity to brighten up the loneliness, there are those for whom something is a duty arising from the inability of another way to fill the void in the soul or from a desire to help children (there are), and only for a certain number of lucky winners — a flight, development, fullness of life.

86% of Russian women after 50 years can not, do not want to work, feeling your own worthlessness, fatigue, hopelessness.

Often asking the rhetorical question, how is it that the majority in our country he likes, as a hobby, from time to time, filling them with their rare moments of rest, I recalled their friends. One of which, for example, love climbing, "was ill" at the right time to participate in climbing and in order not pulled from work. The friend who invented different reasons to quickly skip work and go to the next exhibition of stones that adored all his life and is well versed in them. And many, many others.

How is it that people don't have the courage to open his business, no one could depend, and to engage in a favorite pastime? And they think about it, only well into middle age. Finally understand that life is one and dreams will remain dreams...

Women will agree with me that after forty you really want to deal only with himself and the house, or rather his family, and not to think about the challenges and prospects that the best-case scenario has already taken place, and at worst will not happen. It may, of course, I caught the burnout syndrome, as reason. But really, really want to enjoy your grandchildren, flowers and borscht, along the way creating a women's club where you can talk about style, Hobbies, and even politics.

I want, that not a moment was free, enthusiastically engage in new areas and activities, charity work, a lot of exercise, take care of yourself, eat right, help their family in many issues. And maybe a little work. Maybe there is one way to be well, very rich. Either spiritually rich, but very poor. After all, no wonder the ancients said that one scales with the material are in equilibrium with moral...

Once while traveling through India, my friend (Professor, twice candidate of Sciences, author of educational books), roll up the work in several Moscow universities, having two children and a mortgage, a conversation with our driver, said, "I don't see your women working, what do they do?". And the driver she seriously said, "mA'am, they are very busy. They are family — they sleep, cook and raise children.". And my advanced friend, chuckling bitterly, joking, and maybe he said the truth: "I Want to be an Indian wife!".

For many years I was in search of the Golden mean, and to live interesting life and to find time to read daughter and then his grandson the tale, go for a manicure and to learn, for example, to paint in grisaille technique.

Someone will say that he's only it is not necessary that this reasoning perfectionists -everything. Someone will think that he decided long ago about his role in this society and his family. But I'm still having a lot of things and excitedly discovering new competencies, having been in the "happily married" (three times) and free flight, looking, looking and looking for the opportunity not stupid "just work", and constantly improving, to get "his way"...


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My classmate on this occasion said, "you're Lucky you have such an interesting life, not what I do", and I replied: "I guess I'll reveal a terrible secret, that I like this my life doing, and at no hope"...

So about the work: people of my generation absolutely (most) do not know how to set long-term goals, not mastered the technique of a competent goal setting, lived on a whim, not looking ahead. And now, as well understood by the proverb, "If youth knew, if age could." And still "just someone," nobody wants to work and wants to create, enjoy life and work. First of all, on yourself!


Author: Svetlana Bazhenova


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