Forget the past — no one to take revenge. All are equal

I don't know about the body of the enemy, which will float on the river, as in the famous aphorism. They say, wait quietly sitting on the beach and see this picture. Me personally, this film will not be consoled and will not be happy. Although the words sound comforting.

But I do know that the day will come — and one who has caused us so much harm, will be in our power. Deprived of the advantages which allowed him to torment us and to insult, harass and cause wounds.

And the strange thing is that not only are we not going to retaliate. We still regret. And the medicine will run if I have to. Cussing will give blood, if the group will do. But enemies usually our blood and choice, which they had so much to drink...

Life is a strange thing. Many people think of revenge and retribution, imagining a picture of humiliation. And then stretch the bread. Here you go! And the evil mother-in-law take daughter-in-law; it is now weak and sick ' buela. And the evil boss is leaning on a stick, lame... And cruel teacher, a thin old voice greeted, reaching out with his trembling hand, all senile "buckwheat"...

And spit on the past. Say: come on, I'll help you walk home. And the bag will carry. Although it is easy — no it's nothing almost. And from past grievances have nothing left too. No one to take revenge. All are equal.


Life is not eternal and full of different tests; and the evil do not repent. But become sick and weak. Just the way it works under the sun — so don't torture yourself.

Indeed, it is necessary to sit on the beach, but not to look out for floating corpse — horror. But just to watch the sunset, sunrise, high and to the sky, thinking about the good — we can afford it.


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Pay attention to whom you share your intimate energy!

And watch as the flowing river of life, taking away all the bad things... And enmity makes no sense, better to forget. That's right. To fight back — and to forget. And wish them health, to then not have to care for them... posted


Author: Anna Kiryanova


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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