Women's anger — lack of love

Women's negative emotions can be a challenge for everyone. Men are very hard to bear the tantrums of women.

Women are afraid of their own emotions, because emotions are absolutely crazy, strong and able to scare anyone — husband, friends, neighbors.

So let's see what to do with it.

First you need to understand that the phenomenon itself is derived from the difference between the male and female nature. Men and women are different — this is evident in the structure of the physical body. But the physical body — it is built around more subtle bodies, the mental frame. And the psyche in men and women as radically different.

Basically, all the difficulties in communication just coming from a misunderstanding of his own nature and the absurd claims to the nature of the opposite. In fact, women may require men to breast-feed, and men require to wear sand bags. Only it's not so clear, because the mental processes are not visible to the eye.

The main difference of the psyche of men and women that a man has a sensible nature and a woman — sensual. That is, the male world revolves around ideas, logic, facts, and female — around the feelings, sensations and emotions.

This differences are obtained their basic skills.

  • Man is inclined to stability in their mental state, self-control — this allows him to act sensibly, not being distracted by emotion, to be an effective leader in the material sphere. But he is not inclined to emotional heart communication, which is transmitted through love. That is, man is like dry, cestovat not know how to Express and receive feelings is the price for reasonableness and effectiveness in operation.

  • The woman is prone to strong feelings and emotions, that is a priori unstable in their mood — but she is able to Express and accept feelings, build personal relationships, close communication among relatives and others to understand well. Woman — sensual, emotional, she has almost no self-control, it is difficult to concentrate on something is its price for a good ability to take, store and give love.
From the description it is evident that a woman may not be stable. She would strongly polar — if love goes, then much if the deficit and the negative — too much talking. Of course, we might want to love woman wore, but their negativity was left somewhere else.


But the fact is that women's anger is a strong lack of love. Because a woman has a sensual nature, has strong emotions, so her mind could not cope with them. And if strong emotions come — she simply cannot fail to Express, so she can laugh, cry or scream where these emotions overtook.

This man can understand "here" and calm their emotions, to put off, and a woman just can not.

So if we take the love and the happiness that comes from women have to be different and the polarity of her strong emotions.

Women his emotions may be afraid because they are strong and time to spoil relations with someone. So they can hoard. That is slowly cooking itself in some discontent, and then in one moment it all comes out.

If we blame a woman that she is angry — she is even stronger start to push them. And eventually it will even work, and very successfully, but we must understand that the anger is due to the suppression of the sensual nature. That is, a woman suppresses not only the ability to Express anger, but also the ability to Express love, joy, happiness.

The prohibition on women's anger in the family or relationship can lead a woman to cancer or neurosis. There is another option — she will vent accumulated to some other man (e.g., psychologist) and after a while will fall in love with him. Is it a good option?

Why fall in love? Because the woman is afraid of her emotions, she realizes that itself is not able to cope with them and sees that her emotions scare people. Relationships deteriorate in this way.

There are women fighting, angry, talking about them, "foolish woman". So any woman with this "contentious woman" understands two things — "I'm with her friends do not want" and "need her man". Any, even quite far from any knowledge and teachings will understand — the man she wants.

And why is it necessary? Because the woman needs psychological protection. She needs to have a man who can make her bad emotions, do not be frightened and cannot escape. Then she realizes that you can trust your emotions to this person and not to scare other people with them.


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What women want


That is, her entourage gets security from her bad emotions. And so with it want to be friends, she's pleasant to be around. This is a huge need. She may earn money, drive a nail, but if she starts your emotions is bad to control, it is the final stage finish line of a serious crisis in life.

Therefore, a woman always unconsciously looking for a mentally strong person. published


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