15 ways to change the interior without spending much! How didn't I think of that?

In anticipation of the holidays particularly want to see reigned in the house comfort, warmth and fantastic atmosphere. Today our editorial team will share with you simple ideas that will help to diversify the interior without spending much.

Interior decorating
  1. To keep the flowers as long as possible, take advantage of this simple trick. To start, prepare the flowers for preservation: cut the stems at an angle and slightly degrade them. Then take a transparent container with a lid and pour the plants with a mixture of boiling water and glycerin in the ratio of 1: 3. At the end of the procedure, tightly close the bottle cap.

  2. Stylish lampshade you can make your own hands: it is necessary to use the technique of making papier-mache.

  3. To decorate the interior, you can use the same items in different variations. To do this, use the stones, cones, pebbles, fruit. Do not forget that your main goal is a bright accent color!

  4. Using a thin plastic pipe and a glue gun, you can make an unusual lamp.

  5. Use wooden decor to enhance the interior.

  6. Be bold, try to rearrange the furniture in the room in an unusual way. The original placement of the furnishings will help to transform even the most boring interior.

  7. Often it happens that some furniture doesn't quite match the new walls. In this case, it is not necessary to throw out favorite things, enough to repaint them to match the decor.

  8. Try to be creative to the arrangement of books and decorative elements on the shelves.

  9. Use natural materials to create unusual items of furniture.

  10. Your hobby can become a highlight of the interior. Don't be afraid to use your favorite accessories to decorate one of the rooms.

  11. An essential element of any interior things that lift your spirits!

  12. Create your own arrangement of candles for a pleasant evening out.

  13. If your window could be seen just roads, skyscrapers and dull trees, it makes sense to create an unusual landscape on the walls of his room.

  14. Familiarity with home begins with the entrance door, don't forget to decorate for the holidays.

  15. The curtains will look very strange in combination with this cornice.

Our editorial Board liked all of the 15 tips, I hope you will be useful. Do not forget to share this article with your friends!

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