Designed heat pump that is 10 times more efficient analogues

During the Soviet years, Odessa, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Valery Mysienko figured out how to get energy from the air. Moreover, cheap and does not pollute the environment. Most colleagues that discovery not take seriously. In 1992, he moved with his family to work initially in Singapore and then in the United States. In America he managed to start production of ultra-low-cost air conditioners that take energy from the atmosphere. This requires electricity, but at eight to ten times less than for traditional.

In the house of Mysienko in Colorado so air conditioning is operated for about 20 years. It has wooden parts that over the years almost decayed, but the device continues to work. Interestingly, the conventional air conditioners capable of supplying in the room, only 15-20 percent of fresh air, and the installation of Mysienko — hundred percent.

On the basis of the device, Mysienko created heater — heat pump (setup for heating) — with unprecedented opportunities.

The method of obtaining energy from air explained head of Department, Institute of engineering Thermophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine academician of NASU, Artem Khalatov:

"I will explain on this example: see, on the table before us is the tray. If we pour on it water, it will begin to evaporate. Water constantly evaporates from rivers, lakes, seas and oceans... Is a global process, energy (in science it is called psychometric) which is everywhere in the atmosphere. But its concentration is very small. And that's one of the reasons why earlier nobody has been able to figure out how to take energy from the air. But, Mysienko found the need for this technical solution."

To find investors for his invention, Mysienko made of cheap cardboard model of their setup and showed her work. Took a Hairdryer, allowed him the heated air in the apparatus, and from there went out the cold air. Looking for investors lasted more than one year, however, Valery Stepanovich did not lose optimism and faith in success. And then one day, on one of the agricultural exhibitions, he met three brothers-farmers (by the way, all three of them have higher education). They believed in the method, Miscenko and for its implementation decided to take a chance: he sold his ranch. The proceeds (about $ 1.5 million) directed at creating a company for the production of ultra-low-cost air conditioning. The brothers do not mistake: they have already regained the capital and make a profit.

Firma Mysienko and its partners from the city of Denver (called Coolerado) occupies a small part of the market. The company's head office is now in Australia. Bet on the conquest of Asian markets, so we are now building factories for the production of air conditioners, Mysienko in India, Malaysia, and the Philippines. A Hong Kong scientist creates the Institute for the development of systems based on M-cycle for desalination of water, production of electricity, heating and other purposes.

"Our Institute of engineering Thermophysics of NASU collaborates with the business and managed to find the entrepreneurs who agreed to pay for the purchase of innovative devices, Mysienko — says Artem Khalatov. One of them we used to create a unique and effective setting for heating of premises. The point is that we have combined in her pioneering installation and a conventional heat pump."

According to the graduate Oleg Stupak, they managed to create a super-efficient heat pump that uses heat from outside air. The world's best analogues per consumed kilowatt of electricity provide five kilowatts of heat. A Ukrainian — twice!

Space heating with installation costs about ten times cheaper than "Kyivenergo" now sells heat to the inhabitants of the capital. The new rates Gcal of heat is more than 1500 USD. This is enough to heat a two bedroom apartment in a not very cold winter month. The cost of a Giga-calorie of our installation — 150 hryvnia. Our experimental heat pump designed for heating of premises with total area of 400 square meters. But you can do the installation on heated 40 squares — a small house or apartment.

"We've done the calculations for the standard Kyiv kindergarten. To equip him with our pumps, you need 1.3 million hryvnia. About the same garden spends to pay the bills for heat for the whole heating season. It turns out that the transition to our heat pumps will pay off in a year, — says Oleg Stupak. — However, our units are heated room with warm air. As we learned in kindergartens it is forbidden, but permitted in schools, other institutions and enterprises. It is important that our system supplies heated fresh air from outside through this space will be constantly ventilated".

In the nearest time Ukrainian inventors are going to create a heat pump that will heat water. It can be used in kindergartens, cottages.

"But before we start the introduction of our heat pumps, you should adjust their production, continues academician Robes. We fully intend to produce them in Ukraine, because it is four to five times cheaper than in the US. To create an industrial design and technological line for the production of these plants, needs about $ 200 000. Now looking for an investor". published




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