Acceptance: how to be in harmony with your body

Man has a natural defense mechanism of the psyche (or the internal energy of the structure). When you have too much stress (the contradictions in their own concepts or vneshavtotrans the world), his awareness narrowed to the extent that the perceived amount of the voltage does not exceed a certain critical for the perception of size. Exclusive covered the subject Serzh al.

In other words — awareness of the person simply is narrowed in this case: closes its sensitivity, as a rule, primarily the heart, the person ceases to feel various subtle sensations in your body (under the body I mean all the layers of the body — it is like a single body, in which solid and subtle bodies).

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Such a person can not feel the subtle hint or slight emotional changes in the person. Unable to read emotions in the text you read, etc., in a more subtle perception. A logical question POPs up: what to do, how to deal with their stress?

It is possible to answer that "fight" with their voltages do not. It is necessary to perceive them as elements of his fine feeling that are on the verge of closing and opening. If we try to deny the tension, we will close this feeling. If you just look at your tension (this can be different degrees of pain), with the intention to consider, what is it such that in the strictest sense, we do look, examining it, then we'll simply be restoring their ability.

Example: this morning, I considered one of my peripheral (unimportant, secondary, and more remote from the center of your being) voltage — it was somewhere far away from me, barely felt it was something very unimportant... I looked into it and saw that it was a General understanding of what is actually a "problem" as such.

I saw that it was just a signal system of the body. To some extent subconscious radar body plus its automatic defenses (survival instincts) give the person a signal that something is wrong. Kind of like the red light lit up: "problem."

Just look there and you will clearly see what they are. So the body gives us opportunity, without thinking, without difficulty, to immediately know about the world, something not even see exactly what it is.

It turns out that the person who is in harmony with your body, can quickly realize the problems. In fact, even before they appeared in life. Know them and take action before their actual manifestation in your life. Such that the nested system is the human body.

When we accept his awareness (feeling, sensation), look at him, interpret, understand, and develop knowledge of internal, natural, about how it actually works, how to operate in practice know all this about yourself — that's what I call a practice of acceptance, acceptance. Else can it be called meditation. Not as the adoption of a body position and set some formal action, but as a psychic essence.

You can always be in this state, whatever is done in the moment of life... Always look at your reactions (your inner world), on the environmental situation. Where the goal is to see the appropriateness of taking away all of the stress, and peripheral and internal. Where the output should be a clear awareness of its being, its possibilities, the world of laws. In fact, the way has its own awareness...

Back to acceptance, we were talking about. Acceptance is not just a smile in relation to the circumstances of life. Acceptance is adequate supervision in life and acceptance of their actions. Whether they smile or anger, or any other form of expression.

Because life situations are different, you need to be the same fluid (different) like life, to fully conform in every moment. It is only necessary that all such things were managed, uncontrolled without them sticking.


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You must always be aware that this is the current, temporary situation, to some extent, the stupidity that you are playing consciously in the moment. Imitating a situation, like a child in some degree.

The situation that will pass. And you only give in to her. As the rapid flow of the river, so he could not broke and did not spend your strength on resistance. You just merge with him for some time, using the energy of the waves, and then go out.published


Author: Serge Al


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