12 reasons why people don't get rich

1. They never really defined very clearly with what wealth means to them? Key word here is the word "clearly". You can imagine how difficult it would be to build a car or plane, not doing the first drawings and sketches? You must know your goal before you begin to chase her.

2. Wealth for them is a moving target, instead of being fixed (due to reasons described in paragraph 1 above). Selecting a target you should stick it. Don't change it until you reach. You must complete each step, mark it, and then choose the direction for the next step, the next goal.

3. People define the goals so that they seem unattainable. You can achieve only what you believe in. No more, no less! You need to choose a goal that you would have believed. Choose goals that force you to move forward and stretch, but not so high that you do not believe that will be able to reach them. Take the biggest step that you are capable of, take it, and then do the next big step, which it is capable. So you will be able to create a positive confidence in yourself.

4. They never start. I agree, it's obvious. Forever if you'll only think about something, it will always remain at the level of ideas. You have to act! Start anywhere, no matter where! Only the beginning, you start to get feedback that will help you better plan your course. The aircraft must first fly to then begin to adjust your course to the destination. You have to start, wherever, whatever, no matter, just start! Go for it!

5. People never make their goal in their duty. Let me explain what that means. This means the direction of all their intentions and willpower in a single stream that is directed towards your goal. All obstacles are treated as challenges that you are destined to overcome. You will encounter obstacles, so expect them, but also expect that you will overcome them one way or another.

Use obstacles to develop their strength and skills, don't run away. Find a way to overcome them! Find it! The path is always there! Always! If your emotions are acting against your desire, embrace them, explore their emotions, learn yourself, but still keep moving forward. Make your goal with your commitment, and it will happen. Guaranteed. You don't know how many steps you have to take, but you know what's going to happen.

6. They have no realistic plan. If you want to do something, learn how it was done by someone before you. Create a realistic plan. Copy those who have succeeded before you. But don't forget about your intuition. Your intuition will become a very powerful tool if you learn to listen to her and will to apply it.


7. If they do have a plan, they do not follow him. Well, if you don't follow his plan, then who was he to follow?

8. They put the responsibility on others ("experts") instead of having to carry it ourselves. So they never learn. If there is failure, they will never understand their reasons, so they will be destined to repeat them. Get advice is a good idea, but do the decision for yourself. At least you have to understand everything, even if you delegate the immediate execution of the decision.

9. People give up when faced with challenges. Overcoming challenges and not surrender – that's what made people rich. See challenges everywhere. So you have to get used to them. You will be able to get where you want to go, only if you're ready to meet challenges along the way. All calls is a good opportunity dressed in work clothes, remember that. After you overcome the challenge you will see the fruit that he kept to himself.

10. They fail to lead their lives as a business; they are not sure that make a profit year after year. Purchase a software product such as Microsoft Money; you should maintain your budget and monitor cash flow in business and in his personal life. If you're not making records, you will not know in which case you lose money, and when you acquire them, until then, until it is too late.

11. They allow the ideas of others unduly influence their decisions. There will always be people who do not believe in you; people expressing pessimistic views, trying to confuse you, etc. Sometimes among these people are your closest friends and family. You can't change – they have the right to be who they are. This is normal. Let them Express their thoughts, do not judge them for it, but don't feel obligated to accept their thoughts and follow them through. Let them go their own way and you go your own way.

12. They do not receive quality mentoring. This is very important! Mentorship is when you lead a person who has achieved great success in the field that interests you. Find a mentor! Our educational system hardly prepares us for real life, so don't think that just because you went to University, you're already fairly prepared for life. This is hardly the case. You should continue to learn. The most successful people attend seminars, read books, join groups and clubs, find mentors, even hire a paid personal managers (mentors) to ensure success.


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How many of the above reasons you can identify?

Now that you see these reasons you can look at yourself and check whether you are pursuing the path that will never lead to wealth.

Follow what works and it will work. Don't forget to enjoy your successes on the way.published


According to the materials of the program Anthony Robbins “Get the Edge”


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