New Ford tech helps motorists to move into the "green wave"

Ford is testing new technology that in future will save drivers from having to wait for the traffic light switching from red to green light.

The development was called GLOSA (Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory) — system recommendations of optimum speed. At the heart of her work lies the principle of information exchange between vehicle and transport infrastructure.

The system reads with special road sensors data on the operation of nearby traffic signals, and offers drivers the optimal speed limit, allowing to arrive to the traffic lights at the green light. Thus, adhering to the tips, the motorist will be able to always move in the "green wave" (of course, in the absence of congestion). The displacement in this mode will make the trip more comfortable, optimises traffic flows and will significantly reduce the fuel consumption and level of harmful exhaust of cars.

In addition, Ford tests new technologies based on the exchange of data among vehicles. One solution is the so-called "electronic brake light". The system is able to proactively alert drivers of sudden braking moving ahead of vehicles, even if it is out of sight. Complex detects emergency braking distance up to 500 meters.

A number of technologies, preparing for the test next year, will be able to alert the driver if one of the cars in the stream blocked the intersection; if the approaching ambulance, police or fire car and if you need to give way at the intersection without road signs and traffic lights. published




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