We have learned to endure that have forgotten how to live

Deep inside most of us there is a strong belief –

“Life is complicated. In her few pleasures. And those that fall happily on our lot, we still have to earn”.

We are sure that most of the time spend on something that you just have to endure.

“Give birth to from two to otmuchilsya”.

“To live at work until Friday”.

“That's your job,” say kid, going to kindergarten. – Here comes the weekend get some sleep and stop playing.”

“Work hard, play hard,” – inspire student.

“Finish school.”

“Patience – I wish the woman living in marriage.”

“Patience – you want the parents in the upbringing of children.”

Even the author of the reality transurfing advises “surrender themselves in hiring”.

“Hang in there. Be patient. Be patient.

Life is so hard. All is not easy. Happiness must suffer”.

This belief deep roots.

For centuries our people have learned to tolerate.

Serfdom, the dispossession, famine, revolution, repression, war, perestroika, the total deficit.

We have learned to endure that have forgotten how to live.


Author photo: Anna Korsakova


Life is a gift.

And we had the absolutely amazing chance to LIVE.

Every little thing in every mini-story of our life, hidden secret, a gift, a miracle. It is important to allow yourself to see and feel it. Allow yourself to receive joy and pleasure from everything in life.


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Author: Irina Dubova


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