Here are the changes that occur in the body of a man who quit Smoking

Scientists have repeatedly proved and convinced that Smoking negatively affects our whole body. But sometimes to get rid of bad habits mentally is not so easy and maybe people just do not have enough motivation to start taking care of your health. The website shares with the reader information about what happens when a person quits Smoking:

The staff of the Centre for control and prevention (CDC) has conducted studies and provided data on the condition of the body after the rejection of bad habits.

20 minutes after last cigarette the body begins a series of changes that will take years.

Medicaldaily.com20 minutes, your heart comes back to normal. Restores the capillaries and the vascular mesh. Improves circulation and increases the sensitivity of the fingers and toes.

12 hours Reduced the level of carbon monoxide in the blood, and the oxygen level increases. The blood comes back to normal.

From 2 weeks to 3 months heart attack Risk decreases. Disappear the symptoms of tobacco addiction. Improves blood circulation in peripheral vessels. Recovering lung tissue and lung function significantly improved.

1 to 9 months Decreased cough and shortness of breath, it is not immediately as easy need time on the removal of accumulated harmful substances.

1 year Disappears tobacco need. My skin had a healthy colour and elasticity. The risk of coronary heart disease is reduced by 50%.

5 years blood Circulation was completely restored. Indications risk of stroke is reduced to the level of nonsmokers. The nervous and immune systems function much better.

10 years the Risk of lung cancer half that of a smoker's. The risk of developing cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, kidney and pancreas decreases.

15 years Risk of coronary heart disease and the likelihood of cancer becomes the same as Smoking.



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