He pulled off this simple trick to get rid of drafts! The house is warm and cozy...

Drafts — a problem faced by almost every inhabitant of the apartment or the common house. Most often this question arises with the onset of cold weather. It is very important to support housing temperature not below 18 degrees, especially if you have small children.

Often drafts are due to inappropriate adjustment of plastic Windows. You should arm yourself with the tools and squeeze tightly fold the plastic Windows to the frame.

If you've adjusted the Windows, and the wind is gone, then you need to replace the window gasket, which most likely has failed. For this you need to remove the old seal and carefully treated the place of gluing alcoholic solution or wash Windows.

Replacement seal in a plastic okahara the window frame is dry, you can begin gluing the new gasket. Work should start with the top of the window, sticking the seal in the bottom groove with a little stretch. At the end of the procedure it is necessary to check how the cord fits in the groove of the window.

In this video you can get acquainted with the procedure of replacing the seal in the plastic Windows.

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