A young dad has demonstrated how difficult it is to babysit a toddler

Every mother knows how it is sometimes difficult to cope with a small child and feed him, and put to bed, dinner to cook, not to forget about yourself and look good. More interesting to look at what fathers would say, if you take care of the baby for a few days — as in this story.

Innokenty Nesterenko is the father of eight-month-old baby. Recently his wife went to practice and he was left with a child alone. On the page in Facebook he described his impressions.

We Website decided to share with you his interesting insights.

"The question about the moms who sit at home. Once upon a time I believed that decree — it's a vacation for mom, but recentlyI realized how much was wrong. I now live a week in the role of a nursing father, while the young mother went on vacation to rest (the current release of the doctor — from 7 to 17 at an Austrian clinic in practice chopped). Made myself a calendar to figure out where I have free time.

Here, it turned out a clear picture, which clearly shows the care of a small child is a full-time job. Green is the breaks, pale green — ability to turn away for a moment (this just have cleaning, cooking, etc., if someone seems a bit too much free time). The rest of the time busy in full. Sleep too little every three hours to feed the baby.

I would earnestly advise the men not to dismiss the requests of their wives. It's hard to even imagine how hard it is until you are on here day and night is a solid mess so that even once to sit down (first day I, for example, forgot to brush my teeth). This routine I drew the wife, well, I brought it to mind.I think this is a good way without much emotion to explain to my husband how difficult it has young mother".

Innokenty Nesterenko


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