Vegan deodorant: the changing chemistry of fruit

The smell of sweat can permanently discourage our desire to communicate with someone. It would seem, with such a variety of all kinds of chemicals people still manage to smell bad.

Here only the efficiency of the body depends on the health status and characteristics of the skin. After all, how does it work?

Deodorant clogs the pores, preventing sweating. But sweat also contains a natural antibiotic that disinfects the skin and prevents the development of bacteria. In addition, many of the components included in the chemical composition of the deodorant, for example, aluminum, is not very useful for us.

Therefore, proponents of all natural are looking to replace chemicals by natural means. And this remedy is lime.

The unpleasant smell is not smell of sweat, it is caused by bacteria that multiplies in warm, moist skin. Them easy help to get rid of the lime juice.

This girl, known online as Vegan Diandra, wants to completely rid your life of chemicals. She conducted an experiment: instead of deodorant rubbed the armpits of half a lime (just make sure that the skin wounds and irritations).

YouTube/ Vegan Tiandra

You also need to make sure that the juice didn't get on the clothes — traces may remain.

Lime can be stored for several days in a closed plastic container or plastic bag, cutting off the dried part before use.

YouTube/ Vegan Tiandra

The girl removed the whole experiment on video (in English):

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The whole week she used lime instead of deodorant and was amazed: not even taking a shower before going to sleep, she woke up in the morning fresh, without the slightest smell of sweat.

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