A simple remedy for the treatment of hypertension, migraine and intercostal neuralgia

In the capable hands of the mustard help fight many diseases. Increasing blood circulation directly in the place where they put mustard unload the vessels in other areas.

This allows you to apply them, for example, hypertension, migraine, even when an attack of "angina" (angina). Well they help with sciatica and intercostal neuralgia.

The therapeutic effect of mustard is due to the effect on the skin of essential oil that is derived from mustard at a temperature of 40-45 degrees. It is an irritant, causing vasodilation and blood flow to the appropriate area.
Another important component of therapeutic effects — phytoncides (biologically active substances that inhibit the growth and development of microorganisms), which are allocated from the mustard enzyme miosina.

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In inflammatory diseases of mustard put on the night, in all other cases — at any time.

1. With headaches and hypertension mustard applied to the occipital region of the neck and calves of the legs.

2. In inflammatory processes of the upper respiratory tract put mustard on the chest and on the calves.

3. Bronchitis mustard put on the upper part of the body on one or both sides of the chest, back and under the scapula.

A good method is to pour dry mustard in socks and warm feet. If it is done the child must be carefully monitored so that no moisture got on the mustard because the sodden mustard can burn the legs.

4. In neuralgia and migraines mustard put in their proper place only after consultation with a neurologist.

5. Angina — the heart.

6. With cervical radiculitis on the back of the neck. With lumbar sciatica and renal colic — loin.

7. Intestinal colic around the navel.

8. Mustard wrap (often used in children).

To do this, 2 tbsp. dry mustard dissolved in 1 l of warm water, filter and moisten a piece of cloth (preferably flannel or old diaper). Wring the cloth to wrap her child and heat wrap. After 10 minutes (or earlier) to deploy a diaper, baby wipe and change in pre-warmed clothes.

9. If booked at the right time was not at home — make home.

Mix 1 tablespoon dry mustard, 1 tablespoon sunflower oil, 1 tablespoon of rye flour and some water. You should get a dough the consistency of sour cream. Spread the mixture on a sheet of newspaper to the second half of the newspaper cover. And attach the yellow card to the right place. To keep as possible. These mustard not "bite", do not cause burns, but well and deeply warm.

10. Inflammation of the lymph nodes, muscles, ears, as well as for bruises, well help mustard compresses.

But to put them only in case of residual symptoms after the acute symptoms pass.

Preparing the compress. In 1 liter of water at a temperature of 370 spread 1 teaspoon of dry mustard. Soak in solution gauze and put on the sore spot. Cover with plastic wrap. On it lay a thick layer of cotton wool and secure with a bandage or gauze bandage. Leave the poultice on all night.

In the morning, remove and wipe the skin first with a damp cloth and then dry with a towel. Immediately go outside after this treatment is not necessary. And best of all — one more hour to hold a sick place warmed by the wool.

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Prepare a packet of mustard, a towel, a cloth or sponge and a bowl of hot water. The water temperature should be not lower and not higher than 400-450, because at this temperature stands out healing mustard oil.

Take one shot, immerse in water. To remove take your time. Let it thoroughly wet.

Apply on the skin side, covered with mustard. Now increasingly sell mustard in the form of bags. So, on the skin it is necessary to put side with a thin translucent paper. Between the mustard leave a distance of 1-1,5 see

From above cover them with a towel and a blanket.

Good mustard is definitely the harness. The patient will have to be patient for 10-15 minutes.

Removing the mustard, look beneath the redness. If Yes, then treatment went.

Immediately clean the skin with a wet wrung out sponge or cloth, then dry with a towel, while making a circular motion. Then once in bed, blanket wrapped.


At high temperatures put mustard is unacceptable!

They are contraindicated in hemoptysis from tuberculosis patients, cancer and skin diseases.

Putting the shot, patients often suffer a burning sensation and half and hour. However, the benefits of not overheating, and the damage is great. Overexposed the shot above the necessary 15 minutes, you can get a serious injury. The fact that after 15 minutes mustard only hard, and sometimes very much, but not treated.


Simple ways to get rid of mucus in the body8 sources of psychosomatic diseasesKnown cases when hypertension is shown the yellow card did not put in calf, and on the back of the head. After this procedure, developed the cerebral circulation and is often a stroke. It is unacceptable to put mustard on a fresh bruise.published  


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