Flat stomach in just 60 seconds-a method that will help you to find graceful figure!

Only 1 exercise will help to make the stomach flat! Hard to believe, but thanks to him, thousands of women have regained a perfect shape. This exercise is ideal for those seeking to say goodbye to excess weight.

Strap is a universal exercise that promotes correction. Doing it only 1 time a day, you will strengthen and tighten the muscles of not only the press, but also the whole body.

How to build живот

Start the exercise by lying on abdomen, bending your elbows 90 degrees. Pay special attention to stomach and hips: the most strained abdominal muscles and buttocks, in any case not lift the pelvis up.

During the exercise try to breathe deeply and evenly. For best effect, imagine that on your back there is a glass of water, which in any case can not shed. Try to maintain the position of strap up to 1 minute. Perform the exercise 3 times in a row every day, when I have free time. A month later the result will be felt!

In this video you can see the detail of how to perform an exercise strap.

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