Don't let people decide WHO YOU are!

Who am I?

Don't let people decide who you are!


— Master, you said I will become wise, when to reveal and learn about myself, answer the question "WHO am I?" but how to do it?

— It seems simple, but difficult in practice — for a startdon't let other people decide who you are for them and for himself.


— How is it?

One will tell you that you're wrong, and you believe him and will be upset. Another will tell you that you're good and you'd be happy. The third praise you, giving you non-existent quality to take advantage of you. And so shall it be forever — you will be praise or blame, to believe or to deceive as long as you don't know his true nature...

As long as they have the right to decide who you are, or what you are, you don't find yourself. Don't give anyone the right to do, and me too...

To know yourself is only possible after spending some time in deep solitude.

Usually all we know about is only the opinion of others, the image that we draw on yourself and your reflection in the mirror. But it's not you!

They say: "You're good", and we think we're good. They say, "You're beautiful" and we think we're beautiful. They say, "You're bad" — and we continue to accumulate. But it's not you!

This is false because nobody else can know you — no one can know who you are except you, yourself.

All your previous ideas about yourself, everything you know through your mind, ego and emotions are not you either!


That would be all they know about you is just a part of you, your parties, and these parties are very one-sided and superficial. Whatever they knew, it's just an instant mood — they cannot penetrate your center. Even the closest person can not penetrate in to the core of your being. There you're completely alone, and only then will you come to him who you are.

Don't trust anyone who will say that will lead you to yourself, who will do everything for you!

Only some may help you just go closer and you can feel, but the main thing you have to do it myself... posted


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