23 resourceful cat who sleep struggling

Cats for many years trying to convince people that they can sleep anywhere and everywhere. And we are in the Website do not get tired to admire this well-honed skill.

You just don't know anything about comfort.

When the work squeezes you dry.

Yes, I sleep. No, I'm not prickly.

A horizontal plank is not done?

Finally found a place where no one will see it and did not Wake up.

And this dream requires some concentration.

Each cat has their own idea about the convenience.

Quiet hour is caught at the most inopportune moment.

Need to rest so that was the envy of all around.

Upstairs is warmer, you know.

The main thing is to always keep a majestic pose.

It seems that some people have Friday was a success.

Big wash is canceled, now it's my bed.

Sleep, sleep, and rest.

A cat that knows a lot about relaxation.

Insomnia? Never heard of it.

The thin line between sleep and Wake in one picture.

There is no place where I would not fall asleep.

To sleep without the hind legs is too much.

Barely doterpel.

The order of the day for today: sleep, more sleep, and then you can sleep.

Workers of Morpheus in the service.

And let the whole world wait.

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