12 tricks that will help children become more independent

Latchkey kids — the dream of every parent. Got up this morning, brushed my teeth, got dressed, mix left and right shoes, and all by myself, by myself. Is it not happiness?

The editors of the Site put together a great life hacks that are designed to teach children to be more independent, and everyone had to check them out. So the other day we managed to entice one to visit a cute boy. We didn't let him go until all-all it is not tried and are not convinced that the tricks work. By the way, all broke up terribly pleased with the ice cream and bubbles did the trick.

Not to spill the bubbles

The problem of serial spilling soap bubbles encountered, probably every parent. Well the truth is, it is impossible recklessly to chase bubbles and keep in the other hand a jar of soapy liquid. Usually within a minute on the floor appears slippery puddle, and the child utterly upset. The solution is very simple: attach the bubbles to the leg of a chair and dip handy and won't spill.

Not to drip ice cream on clothes

Not slap the melted ice cream will help the mold for the cake, dressed on a stick.

To respect the day

To the child it was easier to determine when it needs to do homework and when to play with him on the clock to draw segments of different colors and make a very simple memo.

Willing to clean up after themselves

The child could clean up after themselves or sweep the kitchen floor, if you stick to the floor a square of colored tape. Mission is to put back all the garbage.

Do not confuse the keys

To make it easier to remember which key from the top of the castle, which from the bottom, some from my grandmother's apartment, and what from home, enough to paint the keys bright nail Polish or acrylic paint.

To distinguish left and right shoes

Kids 2-3 years old (and older) often confuse right and left shoes. Cut the sticker with your favorite hero in half and stick inside the Shoe — this will make life easier for everyone.

How to hold a pen

How to hold a pen/ pencil/ marker will help the napkin you want to hold in the palm of the little finger and ring finger.

Not to slam the door

To a small child accidentally locked themselves in the room or just did not call you whenever need to open a locked door (and the kids love to slam doors), it is enough to stick the dog tape.

To rewind the desired amount of toilet paper

To understand when to stop will help bright limiter.

Brush your teeth as you need

Children, even grown up, it is difficult to understand how much time they need to brush their teeth. Help hourglass for 2-3 minutes. Another option is to find a song that lasts less than 2 minutes, and turn it on while brushing your teeth.

Not to get lost in the Mall

To get lost during the holiday on the street or in a shopping Mall a breeze. To quickly find the child in this unfortunate situation, before going to people write with permanent marker on his arm your phone and his (or their) name-surname. Of course, you also need to teach how to behave correctly (wait for parents at the same place where lost; if you ask for help — a woman with a kid or a store employee, etc.).

To stand still while mom unloads the purchase

To overflowing with boundless energy, the kids are not running around the Parking lot, risking to please under the car, while mom is busy unloading purchases or younger children, take their game. Stick to the car bright stickers on the number of children and "assign" them transformers that have at this time to stand up for recharging.

And what a good life hacks for parents you know? Share in the comments, we're interested!

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