China to build world's largest solar power capacity of 2 GW

The largest private investment group-China Minsheng New Energy Investment Co building in the Autonomous region of Ningxia solar plants for 2 GW, consisting of 6000000 solar panels.

In the report, Bloomberg said that a large-scale solar project to be developed in stages at 4607 acres. This will be the biggest solar farm which has ever seen world. It will require $ 2340000000 investment.

In addition, the Chinese "Sunny" the project will exceed the volume of solar energy the total amount of solar energy that produces some of the country, such as Thailand or the Philippines.

As noted by Bloomberg, the new project "is a symbol of the clean energy ambitions of China." Only in the first half of 2016, China has connected 22 GW of solar power, including a record of 11.3 GW in June. In 2015 to 18.6 GW.

In June the project in Ningxia was completed by half. Approximately 380 MW was connected to the mains. When construction is complete, the plant will generate 2730000000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, equivalent to coal-fired power plants by 400 MW. Bloomberg predicts continued growth (up to 109 GW by the end of 2018) due to increasing population, economic development and reduction of prices on solar panels. Not to mention the pressure that the world community is doing in China and India due to high emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of these countries. published




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