Drown the rabbit and throw the cat in the garbage disposal: indifference to others ' pain

Quotes about the relationship of the "crown of nature" and smaller brothers exist for centuries.

A righteous man takes care of his beast, but the heart of the sinner does not know mercy.

— The more people know, the more I like dogs.

— The greatness and the moral progress of a nation can be measured by how this nation treats animals.

That's only the same age as these quotes exist, have no use for it.

It would seem that is easier: to perform the most simple facts that are easily checked:

in countries where there is a well-established system for the protection of animals, the highest standard of living of the population;

– children who enjoy torturing animals, at times more predisposed to mental illness and the Commission of criminal offences;

the vast majority of criminals convicted of serial murder, "practiced" for homeless cats and dogs.


"Well, that's all the moral freaks some! I do not mock the animals, what is my fault? And anyway, it's the system! I've been with?" the most predictable reaction.

But, wow, to blame and "and". Animal abuse occur from that acquiescence and blah-blah-blah on the topic "can't help everyone".

Remember: never seen the master thrashes with full force my dog on the street? Like children playing, throwing stones in cats? How to sell in transitions choking in plastic containers hamsters?

Don't know that the animals that work in circus are beaten? Not been to zoos, where the animals are kept in appalling conditions? Not heard that dolphins in the wild live 25 years, and in dolphinariums three years?

If your answer to all these questions is "no", you are either lying, or belong to the happy category of people that have survived in his indifference to everything to the stage of enlightenment.

I still see and hear each time. And each time I think: what the future expects tight sick society, in which from generation to generation, from mother's milk, passes the indifference and cruelty (in this case, are synonymous) to those who are weaker.

This, for example, my personal summary of the stories for the last month. That is to say – to the table, Bon appetit.

Conversation in the queue store. Two healthy men are for beer, really laugh:

– I bought a smaller pet rabbit. A small, red-haired, fluffy. Breeder says: "Before him from the nurse to pick up." And I said, "do not Care! Most importantly, I like it, it's a toy".

My it at once to bathe dragged. Scored a full bath and drowned him, in short.

What I told them? Nothing! Better if bought a tablet for the money!

And laughs. And the other, also laughing.


The girl, thin, 16, 17, walks into a full hundredth of the bus, behind the backpack is huge, obviously with a camera in the hands of a kitten, very tiny, in a towel. From her conversation on the phone sandwiched between cheek and shoulder, and appearance of a baby peeking out of the towel, clear that they are going to the vet – just picked up from the street baby.

Sits on the only empty seat, with relief and pulls the backpack puts the kitten on his lap, he falls asleep.

Is a woman with a son 7-8 years. A normal, healthy, nurtured on food from "McDuck", boy. But no, the mother with the conductor starts yelling in one voice: "the Child is, and that he sat down with his cat. Ugh! Attitude to the kids! Growing the future mother! No shame, no conscience! Get up! These fucking bestiality".

Rises. The kitten wakes up, cries like a little baby. Full salon – everyone is sitting, everyone is silent.


The pet store. Dad and son choose a hamster. Take "that bold and beautiful who is beating on the glass."

The seller asks:

– And what will suffer?

– Not what we...

Well, I Repack...

And shoves hamster in the box for the bulb. Shoves him in the head, that rests on legs, the box is not closed. But sticks and closes.

In the child – as every small person, yet not spoiled until the end of parenting – someone else's pain:

– Dad, dad, maybe you shouldn't. Maybe the hamster didn't work out?

– Nah... You! He did not feel anything.


Stand to the entrance of the food for Mama cat and her five kittens. Tiny, skinny, bones sticking out. My mom is the same – skinny and miserable.

Gets out of his BMW, a woman of 35, with her two children – the missing faces.

Immediately his hands on her hips and the statement:

– So who's food has brought them! That's because of whom all this unsanitary then the fruit. I quickly away from the facility know.

Are children, mouth open, looking at mom and kittens that huddle to her, a little different, mom.

"Come, my lovely, away from the plague any"


The child with his mother waiting at the tram stop. With them – a little Beagle puppy. Cheerful, lively, spinning around its axis, barking with joy.

The child with absolute fury on her face pulling the leash taut so the puppy begins to wheeze. And then hits him with a leash on the muzzle, hurt swinging.

Woman, why do you allow your son to bully dog?
– My son, my dog! Went to * * * * what you want, and what we do.


A friend picked up a kitten, the wording of the person who sold it, was this: "do not take, today, he'll drown".

Friend lives in the Dorm, in private, of course, the room. But her neighbor, who has a drunken husband is traditionally satisfied with the fights and screaming children all day, suddenly decided that the cause of her pitiful life in General this little cat.

And so, when his mistress was not home, the neighbor kitten thrown in the garbage disposal. "Why is it meow? You've pissed me off!"

The cat was found. But "blocheaza" has promised to soon send "back on the street".


My friend took the dog from people who wanted to put her to sleep, because I'm about to move abroad, a "documents so long and hard to make out, and 10 years to her already."

The dog was and is in a wild stress – betrayal, change and human fear and misunderstanding of the situation.

But gradually, she begins to live again, putting his head on his knees his Savior and for a long time carefully and gratefully looks into her eyes.

I think that if "put to sleep" I decided, say, an elderly member of the family, which is difficult to transport to a new, more successful future, as it responded to media?

If the roommate threw it in the garbage someone else's baby, because he "yelled" than it would be over for her legally?

If the child of interest was severely beaten in front of mom with his younger brother, how would she react to that?

If older children are playing, drowned in the bathtub of a much younger child, what words would they adults?

Until these questions can be given quite a definite answer, but, believe me, the question of time, nothing more.


Also I wonder How many live Pets

Animal albinos, which occur in nature


When one generation, indifferent to the pain of others, raises the following the same, we must be aware that it will only get worse.

Want to know why our society has no future? Look for sick and tired cat or dog living in your house.

Looking to the future? Let's create it.published



Author: Pauline Kuzmicka


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

Source: lady.tut.by/news/life/409097.html


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