The story of family life))

Ira sat on the whole is very dreamy. Then he picked up the phone, nabralanomer and began to speak into the phone:
 Well all I drove Masha grandmother today. Yeah, all vyhodnye.Slushay, so I do not want to cook anything today. Come on you after work buy a hen-grill, and dinner? .. That's all for now.

Then Ira all day staring at the ceiling and sighed. On vneshnierazdrazhiteli not respond. And then we went with her to the subway. Ira began to share with me:
 -Oh, My daughter drove her grandmother. Though breathe freely. Nothing to cook will not, the husband buys kuru grill, open wine, light a candle ... - Irkin look blurred. - In general, we will have a romance with her husband ... And then, she know, one thing after another, and then once, and you get tired as a dog, and then ... Friday, the daughter of his grandmother ...

In Irki piliknul phone. I came smska. Ira read it and blushed and looked down. And she began as something very clearly embarrassed. Then he said to me:
 -Look, The husband pishet.- and handed the phone.
 On the phone screen, it was written: & quot; Exact & quot ;.
 -ani What's wrong with him? 8 years with him live, never me a sms has not. Oh, he must have the same playful mood as I ... Oh, just then today will wear new underwear. Red. And that was not the case all. Anh and Anh and what to answer him?
 -Iran, your husband, you are and come up with that answer. - I said roughly because envied.
 Aaaan Well, well, I'll help please!
 -Napishi "I love you, too».
 No, it is somehow boring ... - zanudela Ira.
 Well write "take my passion, my unbridled colt».
 -ani, Are you? - Ira looked at me disapprovingly. - You're taking me for someone ??
 -I Say - write itself, there is nothing for me to stick - I was angry.
 Ira puffed above the buttons, and then showed me his work: "I kiss you, too, I miss my hare».
 -Pink Snot. - I said.
 -But Very gently - resentfully said Ira and sent SMS. After 15 seconds at Irki phone rang, the screen showed that calls husband.
 Well wow, he now just a day of passion - Ira said, lowering her eyes and said into the phone:
 Her husband said:
 -Iran fucking kuru KISS buy or us half enough ???


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