Mother suffered long from high cholesterol, until his grandmother gave her this medicine...

Education on the walls of blood vessels of cholesterol deposits leads to the emergence of such diseases as atherosclerosis. An embolism is not terrible to everyone.

Deposits cholesterol plaques appear due to improper diet, sedentary lifestyle, and genetic predisposition. Therefore, you should reconsider and try to keep active way of life.


"Site" cares about your health, therefore, shares the recipe for a wonderful means to cleanse the blood vessels.


How to clear the vessels from basecurrency
  • 1 g of myrrh
  • 1 g of incense
  • 1 g of aloe
  • 1 g asafetida

  1. Mix all ingredients and place in a deep enamel or metal pan. Add to the capacity of 6 cups of water and put it in a water bath.
  2. When the water boils, remove the pan from the water bath and let the remedy to stand for 10 minutes.
  3. Pass the medication through cheesecloth and pour it in a glass jar.

200 grams of this means you need to drink every morning on an empty stomach for 4 days. Further, the treatment must continue: recommended double dose with an interval of one day.

Cleansing of the body is in a natural way, so for the first two days, you may experience an upset stomach. It is not necessary to repeat this course more than once every six months.

The remedy is contraindicated for people suffering from chronic dysbiosis, severe forms of digestive disorders, colitis, enterocolitis, kidney stone and gallstone diseases.

Do you restore your health and share recipes this tool with your friends! Find out in our article, how to bring blood pressure back to normal.

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