13 simple things that we used to do incorrectly

There are lots of ways to ease everyday tasks in the kitchen, which we do not know. In this collection , the Website decided to remedy this situation and to understand what we used to do is not as easy as it could be.

1. Heated Choco Pie

Yes, we didn't know either. If its heat, this piece of chocolate with marshmallows becomes twice and three times tastier.

2. Using a mixer

A paper plate, put on the beaters of the mixer, will serve as a makeshift cover and eliminates unwanted spray.

3. Do chocolate chips

To chocolate chips can be using the knife for cleaning of potatoes — simple, but effective.

4. Stored greens

Rinsing and shifting the lettuce with paper towels or napkins, you'll nearly double his use of the term.

5. Open the coconut

Pierce a hole in the bark of the coconut, poured from this liquid, place in preheated to 200 degrees oven and leave for 15 minutes — after these simple actions, the coconut will crack yourself; you will only need to bring the case to the end.

6. Clean the mushrooms

Connoisseurs of good taste mushroom do not suggest washing them under running water. Better to wipe them with a wet towel and brushed — so they better retain their flavor.

7. Stored bananas

Do not store bananas in the undivided brush, better wrap each tail with cling film. So they'll stay in the fridge much longer than usual.

8. Prepare dry Breakfast

Corn flakes and other types of cereal quickly cease to be crispy if you leave the box open even briefly. This can be easily remedied by placing them in a hot oven for 5-10 minutes. The same is true with potato chips.

9. My pans

A quick solution for very dirty pots and pans: boil them after cooking with a small amount of vinegar. Great saves manpower.

10. Add cheese to the burgers

To melt the cheese and get a real Burger, put cheese on the meat when it is ready, add a little water and cover the pan with a lid. The cheese will melt in 3-5 seconds. Other ways can be viewed here.

11. Collect the remnants of jam from the jar

The remnants of jam, chocolate or peanut butter-you can collect one super tasty way to add in a jar of cereal and milk. Great Breakfast and no translation products!

12. Cut onions without tears

To protect themselves from the famous action of onion, sprinkle the Board with lemon juice before cutting.

13. Reanimate burnt cookies

The bottom slightly burnt cookies can be removed using a conventional grater — no one will even notice that something was wrong.

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