10 amazing auteur films this fall for the true connoisseurs of cinema

The author's cinema, unlike Hollywood, which was originally created not for everyone. It is much closer to art, and evaluate it only those who truly understands the movie. The website presents to the reader a selection of the best novelties of the festival cinema.

Student drama directed by Kirill Serebrennikov, filmed on the play by Marius von meyenburg, talks about the high school student Benjamin, who has declared war on immorality, and human vices. In his film, the Director explores facets of faith and fanaticism, religion and morality, idealism and intolerance. The film was awarded the prize of the independent French press just outside the Chalet and included in the long list of nominees of the European film Academy.

It's only the end of the world / Juste la fin du monde Xavier Dolan took poignant drama about loneliness. About being alone in a global, metaphysical sense, when you're alone in the face of death, even in the family circle. The main character is a writer arrives for a family dinner after a 12 year absence. And it would be just a family dinner if he hadn't been the last. Too late to catch up, but the attempt is made. The film, based on the play by Jean-Luc Lagarce, elegant cast — Vincent Cassel, Marion Cotillard, Lea seydoux and Gaspard Ulliel.

The childhood of a leader / The Childhood of a Leader In late 1918 shortly after the armistice in the First world, 10-year-old Prescott coming with her parents to Paris. His dad is a U.S. diplomat helps the French state Secretary to prepare the Treaty of Versailles. Under the influence of authoritarian parents and the surrounding circumstances, the boy gradually turns into a monster and tyrant. The theme, which was directed by Brady Corbett, is the nature of evil and its origin. The film turned out to be difficult, playing a nervous, but very exciting. Looking at the picture, you will never forget it.

She / Elle New Thriller by Paul Verhoeven with Isabelle Huppert in the title role. The heroine Huppert — a wealthy Parisian, the head of a large company, where it seems that everything in life is under her control. But it turns out that one sudden event can change not only adjusted the course of her life, but her essence. The transformation from victim to hunter, in General, is not a new move. But the author brilliantly showed all the details of this transformation.

Unknown / La fille inconnue Belgian drama from the Dardenne brothers tells about a young doctor Jenny, who once opened the door later came to the patient, and the next day learned that it was a woman, which was later found murdered. Jenny can not get rid of feelings of guilt for the death of the unknown and decides to find out about who she was. Find information about the woman leads her to unexpected answers to the questions that she asks herself.

Absolute power / Imperium "To defeat evil, is for good men to do nothing" — to such conclusion comes, the hero of Daniel Radcliffe in the Thriller about neo-Nazis filmed based on the true story of FBI agent Michael Germana. Germano spent undercover for almost two years, trying to prevent a major terrorist attack, planned by group of Nazis. We know that the environment inevitably changes us, revealing all the hidden fears and pulling on the surface of the doubt. Great movie for fans to observe the inner conflict of the personality.

Light in the ocean / The Light Between Oceans is Another story about the times after the First world war, returning from which the main character Tom and his wife Isabel settled on the coast of Western Australia, where Tom works as a lighthouse Keeper. Once to the coast beats the boat with the body of a man and a living baby. The couple decides to leave the girl and raising her as his daughter, not even imagining what will be the consequences of this decision. A brilliant Duo of Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander, as well as a lump in the throat of the heartbreaking emotions you provided.

Against all war / War on Everyone You will be surprised, but the author's movie is not only drama. One of the brothers McDonagh — the one who did "Once in Ireland" — has pleased fans with a new black Comedy about bad cops. Partners Theo and Michael are behaving very badly: blackmail and harass all whom they can reach. But, as you know, every power is always more power, and once their call will be answered.

The dancer / La danseuse a film by a woman about a woman who was really nice, it was awarded the Cannes "the Special sight". Biographical drama Stephanie Di Giusto about the American dancer Lou fuller, who was the author of a style of dance. The Muse of the Lumiere brothers and Toulouse-Lautrec is recognized as a symbol of his generation, and shines on the stage, until he meets a young Isadora Duncan. A bonus for the audience — the role of Isadora plays Lily-rose melody Depp.

Good boy Another Comedy in our list is easy and enjoyable tape Oksana Karas with the participation of keira Knightley and Michael Efremova. One week in the life of an ordinary ninth-grader Kolya will remind the audience about how difficult it is to grow up. The vortex of entangled events was rightly awarded this year's "Grand Prix" Kinotavr.

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