Even harder, right, just frustrating not to interfere

There's just a profession, but there are symbols of the era: each gopher in a field agronomist ©


Turnstiles and booths, checkpoints and barriers, pass with pasted photograph with signatures – remember? Soviet installation "don't let go" was commonly implemented in the home and in public life.

As a child my friend and I tried to go to the Palace of Sports on tennis. But to obtain a pass, had several times come to trial training and photography. Two times we managed to persuade dear lady in the booth, on the third – no. On our career players over.

gate turnstile

It is always easier to forbid than allow. Even harder, right, just frustrating not to intervene. Home magic turnstile and booth — ability to exercise authority: to allow, to prohibit, to punish and pardon.

Without this, it's boring, so the gopher include human being and generates conflicts. Someone is allowed to break the rules, some don't. From someone wrings the soul out of the bag, someone with a large trunk allow you to go, come into dispute, discusses the situation in the world, telling personal stories that interrogates all incoming.

Let "their", for which he has some personal rents. Makes decisions depending on mood and relationships. Obviously, exceeds the authority. What? And the truth of what...Rules and regulations are vague and not communicated to nepodemen. Check the do not report how valid the box.

I believe, posted the instruction on the procedure and scope of authority to pass through the turnstile, would remove 90% of the conflict would deprive the interest of this profession. And if surveillance! But this is a new trend.

However, I must say that the times when Each was the gopher in a field agronomist, passed. Situations of humiliation and begging became much less. Forgot pass – that's the way of the action: call, write, verify, empty.

Despite this, let go-check continue to try to establish a good relationship with the booth, say Hello, smile. Cleaner that gets less attention, even though it brings more. Interesting. The habit of obedience to anyone who has minimal power, are embedded genetically?


Security guards and Concierge

Anyway, these are two different professions. Let's introduce two criteria: the regimentation of actions, and a set of services and assistance. Obviously when both at a low level, this is that same woman in the booth, which bears no obvious functions, is guided by subjective criteria, bored or sleeping.

The high level of regulation, availability of instructions and the lack of assistance give rise to the profession of security guard. The low level of regulation and a wide range of services to give you the keys, to guard the bike, to inform you that the water shut off tomorrow, are signs of the profession of Concierge. Both at a high level, probably, is not necessary and incompatible.

Let's start with the concierges. Yes, in our country, unlike the France of the Commissioner Maigret, it's only women. - Can the stroller I'll leave? — Did not see, came home to my Sasha? — I can't reach mom, stand up, please call in 10 flat!

Often the TV is on. Sometimes I read books. Have a list of tenants. Respond to greetings. Quickly press the open button of the intercom. Quite friendly grandmother and aunt and 11 are asleep, the shutter is closed. Earn to pensions, when graph day three increase nearly equal pensions. Talk with the mailman, substitute and cleaner. In most cases, have the trust of the residents.

The main challenge is the heat and the cold. The main task — to sit and create the illusion of control, to the most timid I was ashamed to go. The main weapon is to confuse the suspicious incoming question: who? We are not live! Some, however, and Breasts ready to pop out unsuitable characters – there are women in Russian villages. Guided by personal impression: believe it or not. But even in this toothless version of the control at entrances with Concierge do not crap, do not smoke and do not draw.

And what about the guards? Their main functions: to prevent theft and theft of valuables from the facility, unauthorized entry to the object, enforce public order, in which case — isolate and call the police. Thus, according to statistics 5-10% of thefts in the protected sites do the guards themselves. With high turnover, this percentage is even higher.

The main problem of the security agencies – low quality and neobychainoi staff. Competition in the market is very strong. To win a tender for security Agency forced to reduce the price and compensate for losses by staff level. Employees hired from the region, urban residents do not agree on a salary.

The ease of obtaining a license for security activity and frequent absence from security agencies initial training and its training facilities exacerbate the situation. In the web you can easily find tickets for a license with the correct answers. Hired, instructed, and let's go to the object. The employer protection service needs a dress code, acceptable level of culture, the ability to communicate. And the guys talking, as I used to. However, long-term cooperation business move from a dead point.

With regard to the very essence of the protective function, here the main enemy graphics. They bonded: the two two. Well, another day on my feet without sleep to endure. And the second he's a zombie. Moreover, many through these two days are going to "protect" another object. But the guard must always be alert. Wait like a sniper, not to lose vigilance. In this post, forbidden to speak and deal with foreign Affairs – and how to sustain attention?



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– Masha, and why are you so late today? So he will say to the guard, releasing me from the building at night, and the Concierge, letting the entrance. Where are they, domineering and boorish one and the other dull and rough? No more of them. We have lost this symbol of the land of Soviets – the magical booth with a turnstile. And, Thank God. In their place came two separate professions, both with their problems today.published


Author: Maria Shendrik


Source: discours.io/articles/social/esche-tyazhelee-pravo-simple-nevynosimo-ne-vmeshivatsya


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