Confessions of an office plankton

I'm the onewho laugh at that navypuskali of the institutions of the whole Horde, and I don't know what to do with them. Slacker, contemptuously called the Manager.

Ask yourself, why am I like this?

I am predictable. Every day at the same time to the same office. Plan business servicing the same customers, and at the end of the day simple put a plus sign against the executed cases and triple the efforts in relation to outstanding. Stupidly submit to the Russian, international and corporate laws. Doing all the boring, from the first time, scalable, on procedures and trouble free. Measures its effectiveness not fatigue and drinking coffee, and the number of plus sign.

— I'm invisible, do not start the meeting, but always end them, and from my actions depend, will it turn arrangement results or will remain chatter-memory.

— I'm weird, not sitting in the coffee area, not gossiping in the corridors, not looking for some romance, never hurry, never late, I rarely force majeure. It is useless for me to call and I was useless to shout, I respond to written requests clear and have standards for response time to emails.

— I am nothing. Can't come home and say that he saved the world or leave your mark in history. I can't even explain what I do. Not a singer, not a journalist, not a programmer and not a lawyer, not even a doctor and an engineer and not a business owner. So, strip that unites and organizes programmers and engineers around the world, and in the non-intervention of lawyers transforms people's desires into effective services.

An attorney client, solving new problems, for which there are no standard approaches. Calculate metrics and measuring performance, the nerd from the paper, believing: what cannot be measured cannot be improved.

— I'm not interested. Do not sit in social networks, not criticizing the government. I'm a little ashamed of parents — they still can't remember the name and the essence of the company I work for. When they talk about me to relatives, I bet they think I'm unemployed.

Me not proud of the wife: think, life is adjusted, so many. Me uncomfortable to present at the party friends, I dressed like a fool — carefully; a short-cut, clean-shaven, under the shoes socks! — what an idiot.

With me not interested in talking — in response to emotional brilliant opinion, I have the audacity to cite facts. I have only one advantage — if I want to work in any country or company in the world, I would have to choose them.

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Competent, thoughtful, customer-oriented, self-learning, adapted to the global business models, yielding the result, talented and able to solve problems. The ugly duckling in the country. The desired reserve top management of global corporations.published Author: Maria Shendrik P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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