This website will help you choose a training program for each muscle group

MuscleWiki — very simple and useful resource for those who decided to lose a few extra pounds, improve stretch or do strength training.

On the main page is an interactive model of man in which the red highlighted various muscle groups.

Just select the group and the website will select a set of exercises by which you will be able to efficiently and effectively work out these areas of the body. Each exercise is accompanied by demonstration of techniques in the form of animated GIF images that will help beginners to athletes.




For men there is a separate section with the individual complex of exercises. Clicking on the desired muscle group, you get to the page with detailed information about muscles, their structure and functions.

In addition to the incredibly convenient recommendations for training, you will be able to calculate the calories, macronutrients needed by the body, and the maximum number of iterations.

Photos on the preview MuscleWiki, RomarioIen

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