Concept Facebook Phone


Designer Cancer Tolga (Tolga Tuncer) has developed a concept mobile phone called Facebook Phone. An unusual feature of the phone is its unusual size: the mobile phone has a width of 55 mm and a length of 175 mm. Fans to see the latest news and updates on the walls of Facebook and other social networks will easily be able to “like” your favorite entries, because at the bottom of the display is the Like button.

Another interesting addition is key Instagramon the right side of the body, with it you can instantly launch the app and quickly upload image to photo hosting.

But that's not all of the highlights of this concept at the top of the screen are indicators of signal strength and the standard notification bar Facebook. The phone's dimensions become thinner towards the bottom of the device, it allows you to read and view the recording even when the phone is on the table.

The developer of the concept left a mystery under what OS runs this wonder phone, but assured that the interface device was created under the work in social networks, hence the phone do not need powerful specifications.

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