A "separate" eco-house HOUS.E+ — underground house future in Vancouver

HOUS.E+ is the home of the future, which uses a variety of support systems to create a "stand alone" house, which grows its own food and produces energy. The project was developed Polifactory for designers ' competition 100 Mile House.

HOUS.E+ is a conceptual idea which involves the use of geothermal energy for efficient heating and cooling of buildings in Vancouver. Earthen walls built of soil taken from the adjacent territory, provide environmental structure, and reservoir and farm near home allow you to produce fish and food. On top of the house is covered with photovoltaic panels, as in wall embedded micro hydro turbines, so the HOUS.E+ produces much more energy than it needs. The excess it come to the grid.

As already mentioned, the company Polifactory developed this project for the contest, which ended in may. Although eco-house took first place, HOUS.E+ uses many modern technologies, which have not previously been combined into one building. He was created for life in the suburbs of Vancouver. Breathable walls, which used the land function as reservoirs of heat, heating with it the entire house. The rooms are 2.5 m below ground, and climate control via heating and cooling by geothermal energy.

Built-in wall water pipes and micro-turbine that uses the force of gravity and generating the energy of falling water. It is unclear what exactly this scheme works, but a photovoltaic system on the roof actually produces energy in excess, which allows part of it to send to the grid.

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