Jacket with the "jamming" of radio waves to guard your peace of mind


Sometimes, especially after a hard day at work, so I want to be alone with your loved one, a friend or their own thoughts, but this damn phone does not stops ringing! And surely disturbs someone with whom to carry on a conversation at the moment do not want to. If the self is to turn the machine off and stop flogging the hand is not raised, there is one proven method: put the mobile in the pocket "magic" jacket Escape jacket. A small miracle happens, and your conscience will remain squeaky clean.


Young designer from London, Viktor Johansson (Victor Johansson) offers us no less, a new concept of luxury. In its understanding of true luxury is time. Those hours and minutes that are so spent foolishly on something obligatory and not always pleasant, and even useless. To that Victor ranked and a long conversation on the phone. To help people a little bit to enjoy the peace and quiet, was designed jacket Escape jacket.


The jacket Escape jacket does not cause the slightest suspicion. But we need only to send the mobile into the inner breast pocket, as the gadget will immediately cease to respond to calls and SMS. If you look carefully at the lining of the jacket, find a pattern of flowing lines. And it's not a design decision in favor of only one of aesthetics, because the embroidery in conjunction with an NFC chip, sewn into the pocket, create a Faraday cage: screen the radio and unplug the antenna device. So, while the phone rests under the heart, to get through to you does not work.

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