Psychedelic light show on the subway station Bleecker Street in new York

Busy as bees, new Yorkers now have a "beehive", which is, oddly enough, in the subway. The unusual light show is based on the most environmentally friendly today the source of lighting is led, and its elements are continuously changing color.

The Hive project, which is the work of artist Leo Villareal finally opened for the public in the subway station Bleecker Street in Manhattan. This is a new psychedelic art and environmental installation, which illuminates the full spectrum of colors. They flow through it, each a new York minute.

Artist Leo Villareal was authorized by the Ministry of transport of new York to create a light show Hive as part of Arts for Transit project, which is designed to decorate the interiors are always dark and outdated metro stations, attractive artwork and thus allows to save on electricity.

And yet, Villareal says that he was inspired by mathematician John Conway, who is known for his work on the coding and game theory. Passers-by can admire the colorful design working on the LEDs, but also try to find all hidden images and meanings, examining its individual elements in the overall context.

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