Colosso — elektroopora, like a robot


Hardly there are cases where power transmission towers make the landscape something constructive, do it better. Most often, they hopelessly ruin it. However, if you treat the creation, transmission creative, and these designs can be real works of art, as happened with the pillar Colosso created by Argentine design Studio DOMA.


In the twentieth century, robots were the most popular characters. They were used in the literature, in design, about them, made films and cartoons. Now, of course, this wave of popularity has passed. Even the word "robot" is increasingly perceived not as an anthropomorphic machine that can think and act independently, and as a programmable device that performs a particular set of functions.


However, the guys from the Studio DOMA this derendovschi robots don't care! And it did not prevent them to create probably the most unusual in the world of support power lines, have received even a personal name — Colosso.


This gigantic work, a mix of design, technology and architecture, was created as part of the Tecnopolis 2012 exhibition. Its height is 45 meters. Support Colosso has the form of a huge humanoid robot, shining colorful neon lights.


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