Solar energy as a cooling method

Southern California Gas Company, the largest distribution company of natural gas in the United States, became the first in the country that will test the cogeneration, the proposed developers of Cogenra. It gives the possibility of using solar energy for cooling. Until now this technology was used mainly for heating water, heating and electricity generation.

The idea is to add an element of multipleline to the solar system Energie to maximize its output and value. The cogeneration system is captured and accumulate heat is used to control the air conditioning system instead of electricity. Typically, silicon solar groups of volume of plasma will convert an average of 15 percent of the sun's energy into electricity, abandoning the residue in the form of high temperature. The Cogenra's technology captures this waste and converts them into hot water.

It may seem strange that the hot water is used for cooling. It is actually not too difficult. In refrigeration plants is used high temperature to evaporate the water. More cool liquid subsequently spreads and absorbs ambient heat, thus cooling the room. However, it is not just the building that is cooled. The volume of the plasma components also benefit from it, since this type of approach improves the generation efficiency and lifetime.

Demonstration module 20 SunDeck has a 50.2-kilowatthour capacity and was installed on the roof of the building of ERC, which can accommodate 700 people. Concentrated solar system plasma volume brings together photovoltaic group, concentrating optics, single-axis tracking and a thermal transfer system. Due to the small size, this type of system requires less space than the system volume, plasma flat panel, but despite this, has double the production capability (heat and electricity), thus making it much more effective.

The center was established more than a decade ago to inform firms about the efficiency of energy use. The system will help to offset the cost of electricity and reduce maximum demand, which is more than 30 percent of the accounts. Cogeneration can benefit a large number of industrial sectors, including food industry and government agencies.

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