Optical tree

In the manipulation of light as in the rainbow, there is something beautiful that has captivated people throughout time. Optical tree by Lisa Pettibone (Pettibone Lisa) uses visual effects produced by light refracted in the wonderful system of glass spheres, prisms and mirrors. They are hung like sheets on a steel tubular branches of the tree which is located in the village of Lacock Wiltshire in the UK.

Maybe it's not the most useful creation, but the love of beauty has not been canceled, and the tree is actually just fine. This is an unusual and lovely decoration can be used not only for garden decoration, but interesting to look at home. After all, there is something soothing, encourages contemplation and philosophical reflection.

In addition, you can add this project more functionality, if in the scope to place the fixtures on solar batteries or, in extreme cases, completely electrifying, posting in the areas of the bulb, and the pipes having a wire. Then in the afternoon you can enjoy the play of light in the "branches" of this wonder-tree, and in the dark time of the day to have a beautiful well-lit courtyard. The apartment this construction it is possible to use, for example, as a hanger or come up with some use. It just depends on your imagination, the activity of which optical tree exclusively affects in a positive way.

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